When it comes to these five major home features, it’s not enough to only get design or functionality right. Instead, they need to marry the two. The good news is you can get some invaluable advice on how to perfect the following home features, in my guide below. 

Front door and hallway 

Your front door and hall are the first things you (and other visitors) see when arriving at your home, and the last things that you see when you leave. This makes them important aesthetic features. Yet both the front door and hallways also need to complete important function tasks. For example front doors need to be sturdy and secure enough to keep out the weather, wind, and any unwanted visitors. While hallways are a vital final point in the flow out and into your home, something that means they are ideal spots for clever storage and organization.

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Happily, with a modern door design, you can combine just the right look whether that is modern, traditional, or somewhere in-between with the latest security features. In particular, you may wish to consider digital locks that are connected to your home hub, which means you can lock or check that the lock is engaged from anywhere in your home, or indeed out of it. 

For your hall, creating individualized storage space with hooks for coats, as well shelves for shoes and baskets for bags, paper, and other items can save you precious time in the morning as you get ready for work, and get the kids ready for school and nursery. Indeed, if you set your system up to be simple enough you can gradually train your kids to do most of their getting-ready tasks themselves, which is truly one of the most practical things ever! 

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Also, just because your hall is practical, doesn’t mean it can’t look great too. Just check out the design ideas in the video below for some inspiration. 


Another essential feature in your home to get right are the windows. After all, they play a vital role in providing enough light and allowing the whole family to admire the view outside.  Additionally, windows are also a critical aspect of energy efficiency, because if they aren’t good at keeping inside of a room, you will have to spend much more on power to heat it over and over. 

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However, unlike adding storage space into a hallway,  many homeowners are reluctant to DIY window changes or replacements, often because they can be much more complex and disruptive to everyday life. Fortunately, there are specialists like spokanewindowsdoors.com that can deal with every stage of your window replacement service for you, from design to manufacturer, to installation. Such firms even offer to service after your window has been installed so you can be sure that you will get both the aesthetic look, and the energy efficiency that you are looking for. 


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and as we end up spending so much time there cooking, eating, and hanging out it’s not hard to see why. Indeed, as such an important feature of the home, it’s vital that your kitchen both look the part, and can stand up to the responsibilities placed upon it. 

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Of course, this means that you need to consider both the design scheme and the individual aspects and appliances you will install in your kitchen very carefully. It’s often best to start from a place when designing a kitchen and work from there. This is because it’s crucial to make sure that all the appliances you need will fit into the space and that they are positioned right in terms of how you use them. For example, having the refrigerator far away from the sink is a bad idea because we most often remove vegetables from the former to be washed in the latter. 

Once you have established the basic layout of your kitchen you can start to consider the aesthetic aspects. Be sure to remember that you will need to choose a color scheme and a finish for the cabinets that work together. 

Additionally, you will need to pick flooring that not only fits with your design but is practical enough to withstand constant usage and daily cleaning. For flooring, stone and other natural materials can work very well, although they can be cold on the feet, something that means many people choose to install underfloor heating as well. Laminate on the other hand is a cheaper option and can help to create a smart-looking kitchen, yet it can wear faster especially in spaces in which water is used. 

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