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When it comes time to expand your small business, you will need to send out job adverts to encourage applications. Writing a good job advert takes skill, but hiring the perfect candidate is more important. However, too many hiring managers focus on the typical approach. While this can help identify promising candidates, it is not the only option. If you want to give your company a strong chance of success, it’s worth looking beyond our typical hiring approach.


The Resume Does Not Tell the Whole Story 

Resumes are useful to get an idea of previous experience and accomplishments, but remember that they do not tell the whole story. Because of this, you should not base your hiring on the resume alone, and instead, think about what else the candidate can offer. 


Relying solely on resumes is where many managers go wrong. They discard potentially promising candidates because they lack experience, especially industry-specific experience. While you cannot invite every applicant to interview, think about how some resumes are only the first chapter of someone’s story. 


Unique Skills Can Always Benefit Your Company 

You can interview a hundred candidates who know what they are doing and have experience in your industry. But, their skills already match the skills in your office, so what’s the point? 


This is a great opportunity to explore how unique skills can benefit your company. No matter your industry, finding candidates from different industries can prove fruitful, whether you look for entertainers and creatives or graduates from who can offer encouragement and drive in a way that is not always found in the traditional office environment. 


New Energy Invigorates Company Culture 

Inviting new energy into the company can invigorate your culture and offer something different. Company culture is vital for maintaining productivity and positivity, and a new employee with unique skills can prevent the environment from becoming stagnant. 


There is only so much a manager can do to keep their team energized. Sometimes, you need to bring something different in to give the office culture the kick it needs. 


You Can Enjoy Different Perspectives 

An employee with unique experiences won’t just improve your office culture, it can also improve you as a manager. The employee can offer a different perspective, and they are not restricted by industry-specific demands or expectations. 


These new perspectives can improve your objectivity and help you look at problems from new angles. From here, you can enhance your creativity and solve problems with more confidence. It could help you think outside the box, which gives you a vital edge over your competitors. When growing your business, this head start is crucial, so it’s always worth looking for better ways to get ahead. 



Hiring the right person for any role is challenging. You need to make sure they are a good fit for the company and will work well with their colleagues. Selecting too many like-minded candidates with similar experiences sounds like a good solution, but it could cause your business to stagnate. When hiring your next employees, it would be beneficial to think outside the box. 


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