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Moving into a new place can be an exciting process, regardless of whether you’re renting or if you’ve bought it. It can take a while to settle in and to feel like it’s yours, however. Figuring out how to make a house feel like home makes this process faster while letting you enjoy your home much more.

That doesn’t have to be as complicated or time-consuming as you might think. Using a few particular strategies will speed up the process and make sure you’re comfortable in your new home.


How To Make A House Feel Like Home: 7 Top Strategies


1. Adopt A Pet

One of the easiest ways to make a house feel like home is to fill it with life, love, and memories. You might not be at a point where you’re considering kids, but adopting a pet can be a recommended way of getting around this. By having a furry little friend to take care of and love, you can fill up your house with positive feelings.

Dogs can be more than recommended for this, especially labradors, as they can also act as a form of protection. If you live by yourself, this can be quite helpful. You can find out more about the process here:

If you take this approach, remember to keep in mind that they’re a lifelong family member. You’ll need to take care of them. You might also need to spend time pet proofing your home before you bring them home, but that shouldn’t take too much time.


2. Keep It Clean

Nobody wants to deal with dirt. It has a negative impact on your mental health. That doesn’t mean many people like cleaning, but it’s something you’ll need to do. It’ll help in more than a few ways, with the obvious being that it makes sure your house looks and smells nice.

At the same time, you’re subconsciously taking responsibility for the house, which helps you view it as yours much more than you otherwise would have. While that means putting in the effort, it’ll be more than worth the hassle.


3. Go Green

Plants have a relaxing effect on people for multiple reasons, which makes them more than recommended to have around the home. They impact moods and help to reduce stress, all while making sure the air in your room is healthy. It’s more than worth investing in a few plants because of this.

If you don’t have a green thumb, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of houseplants that don’t need too much maintenance, so you can get all of the benefits without much of the effort. While you’ll still need to take care of them, it shouldn’t be much more than a bit of watering.


4. Bring The Spa Home

It’s not hard to feel comfortable and relaxed when you’re at the spa. It’s why most people go there, after all. The treatments you get at the spa are guaranteed to help you destress and unwind. That doesn’t mean you can only get this at the spa, however.

Instead, you could bring it home by picking up a few things, including:

  • Aromatherapy Diffusers
  • Scented Candles
  • Water Fountains
  • Dimmer Lights

Many of the experiences you get at the spa can be replicated at home. It’s more than worth having the occasional home spa day to make you feel more relaxed at home.


5. Have Childhood-Based Belongings

Your house should stand as the epitome of what you feel a home should be. Many people associate that feeling with their childhood, as they felt safe and secure. While you can’t replicate your childhood home, you can recreate the feelings that you associate with it.

Having belongings that remind you of your childhood is highly recommended. There are more than a few ways you can do so, such as having a specific piece of furniture that reminds you of when you were young. Though these may take time to find, it’ll be more than worth it.


6. Surround Yourself With Softness

The softer and more comfortable your house feels, the more you’ll want to spend time relaxing in it. You might not be able to feel this way without picking up a few soft accessories. If you have a leather couch, for example, getting some cushions or a soft throw can make it more comfortable.

As much as this works on a practical level, it also works subconsciously. Your brain will see your house as more comfortable because of the association with this softness. While you wouldn’t need to go overboard with this, adding softness in the right locations can make a significant difference.


7. Add More Light

Few things make a house seem more unappealing than darkness. The worse the lighting is, the less comfortable you might be when you’re there. If you find yourself in this position, then it’s more than worth adding some more light to the room.

Adding lamps and similar items in strategic locations works wonders with this. By placing them in the right spot, you’ll light up your room more than you’d think. You should also make sure the bulbs in the lights emit a warm glow.

Fluorescent lights can be harsh and emit an unappealing light around the room. With the right bulb, however, it can be warmer and more welcoming than you’d think. You’ll subconsciously feel more at easy because of that.


How To Make A House Feel Like Home: Wrapping Up

Once you know how to make a house feel like home, you shouldn’t have a problem settling in and feeling comfortable. While it could take you a little while, it shouldn’t be as difficult as you’d think.

Your house should feel like more than a place where you simply go to bed every night. It should be somewhere you enjoy and like spending time in. There’s no reason not to spend the time making sure that’s the case.

Regardless of whether you’re renting or own the house, each of the above tips can be helpful in ensuring that’s the case.


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