If you thought Beethoven and Bach were the only composers capable of creating quality symphonies, prepare to be amazed when your family ventures to Baltimore in Maryland! Indulge your senses in laughter, learning, and plenty of “wow!” moments as they all come together perfectly when exploring this dynamic city!


Photo by Irina Sitnikova on Unsplash


First Stop, The National Aquarium

Think of The National Aquarium like Noah’s Ark that decided to stay put in Baltimore and welcome everyone for a visit! Packed full of over thousands of sea creatures, your children can experience what it would be like having lunch with a shark just by waving a dorsal fin at it! Through interactive exhibits and immersive exhibits, your children will learn more about marine conservation, marine life, dolphin language learning, or they might even gain the determination to become marine biologists from this visit! 


Batter Up at The Camden Yards

Does your family love peanuts and cracker jacks? Oriole Park at Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles baseball club, is an essential stop on any family visit to Baltimore. Here, dreams are realized through mitts and home runs become breathtaking spectacles! Watch a game while seeing your children’s eyes light up with every crack of the bat or take a tour behind-the-scenes; who knows, maybe their Major League dreams start being written right there! Also don’t forget taking photos in front of Babe Ruth statue; everyone in Baltimore shares something with ‘The Sultan of Swat’ himself!


Delicious Detour: Lexington Market

Imagine Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but filled with edible delights galore: Welcome to Lexington Market, one of the oldest markets in America! Foodies will appreciate this culinary oasis that will tempt their taste buds with its exquisite selection of local delicacies such as Faidley’s famous crab cakes or Berger cookies that taste just like Baltimore wrapped up nicely. And if your children enjoy culinary adventure, why not let them experience Lexington Market as an adventure in taste testing muskrat or raccoon dishes? We’re kidding… or are we? Your visit will certainly provide your children with an adventure they won’t soon forget! 


Inner Harbor Outdoor Activities

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor offers more than just stunning visuals; it also serves as an activity hub for children and adults alike. Maryland boasts numerous green parks, interactive museums and plenty of aquatic activities – there is never any lack of fun under its sun! Take a scenic waterfront promenade stroll with your family, with iconic historic ships silently watching over your adventure. Kids will surely gravitate toward the Maryland Science Center where curiosity isn’t just welcomed but required! From dinosaur mysteries to the wonders of space, it’s like taking an unforgettable tour through space – without needing a spacesuit! For an alternative voyage experience set sail on one of Baltimore’s dragon paddle boats or hop aboard one of its pirate ships for an exciting voyage across harbor waters! Baltimore’s Inner Harbor offers up countless unforgettable experiences waiting to be found here; don’t overlook it as just another Baltimore location but instead make time to experience all it has to offer!


Home Away From Home: ROOST Baltimore Apartment Hotel

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