We are all expected to (and many of us try to) keep up our health standards. This includes keeping our hearts, bodies, minds, and even keeping our homes healthy. But how often do you think about your ears? Unless there’s a very clear and noticeable problem, you might not think about them much as all. However, hearing loss is likely to affect one in ten people reading this, so it’s crucial to start considering what you can do for your hearing health.

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Get yourself tested

Before anything else, you need to be sure that you’re actually aware of what your current hearing health standing really is. You might be able to notice some of the symptoms of changes to your hearing, but until you arrange a hearing test, it might feel like you’re mostly guessing. A hearing test involves taking a closer look at your ears, as well as performing tests that measure your entire range of hearing. As such, not only can you get a diagnostic answer as to whether or not you are experiencing hearing loss, you might be able to see some of the causes in action.

Beware of excess noise

While there are other causes of hearing loss, including age, the use of certain medications, and damage from infections and the like, the leading cause of exposure to excess noise. Many of us cause this exposure ourselves by wearing headphones or earphones with the volume dialed up too high. However, hearing protection devices like earmuffs and earplugs can be very helpful for those who work in loud workspaces or enjoy loud hobbies, such as concerts, fireworks, or using power tools for DIY in the garage.

Learn some hearing aid care

If you get diagnosed with hearing loss or have already been diagnosed, then hearing aids are going to be the most likely solution to help you improve your quality of life. However, aside from picking the right devices to suit your needs, learning some hearing aid care topics, such as humidity and hearing aids, cleaning your devices, and preventing damage via dropping, will be crucial. After all, when you use hearing aids, caring for them is the same as caring for your hearing.

Keep them clean and dry

These tips apply for both protecting your ears as well as keeping any hearing aids in better condition. Aside from loud noises, other things can cause harm to your ears. For instance, anything you put in your ear can either block it or do damage deeper within, as well as causing infections. For that reason, never use cotton swabs to clean your ears. Furthermore, keep your ears dry as well, as excess moisture can lead to bacteria growth in there. Medications of all kinds can affect your hearing, too, so don’t take medications that you’re not directed to by your doctor.

Whether you already wear hearing aids, suspect there may be some changes to your hearing, or simply have never considered your hearing health before, hopefully, the tips above give you some points to take action on.

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