A kitchen remodel can be a rewarding project, with research revealing that you can get between 52.5% and 71.2% ROI on your home after a kitchen renovation. Generally, more extensive remodelings attract higher value to your home. Apart from that, you may be considering a kitchen remodel for other reasons, like needing more room in your kitchen to meet a growing family. Whatever the reason, you need to get the expansion right, which means factoring in many things. You want a visually pleasing space, but you also want your kitchen to be functional with practical improvements. Here are four important kitchen extension tips worth knowing.

  • Don’t spend more than 10% of your home’s value

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As mentioned earlier, the more extensive your kitchen upgrade, the more ROI you can get from your home. But there’s a caveat – you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of your home’s value on your remodeling or extension project. Experts say spending above that percentage can backfire, and you might not get a good return on your investment. Of course, this tip only applies if you want to sell your home, not when you want a luxuriously upgraded kitchen that you can afford.

So, determine your home’s value in the first place. This way, you can calculate your 10%. Several options can help you, including using free online home value calculators. You can also get a professional appraisal done on your home. 

  • Hire an expert contractor


A kitchen extension is usually not a DIY project; therefore, you should avoid treating it as such. Professional hands are necessary for this kind of project. Look for experts with experience in planning, designing, and extending kitchens of all sizes. For example, companies like BGI Construction have experience in high-quality kitchen remodeling. 

Quality is key, so focus on professionals with a track record of delivering high-quality extensions that stand the test of time. Before choosing a contractor, you can read online reviews from previous clients and check out portfolios or previous projects. But don’t forget your budget, as you want a company capable of working within your financial limits without compromising work quality.

  • Get the layout right 


This point is one of the key reasons you need to hire a professional contractor. It would help to get your extension layout right for a functional and practical kitchen area. A clever layout will make all the difference, ensuring you get the most out of your kitchen. A professional contractor will assess your current space to determine the best layout. They will know where to situate your appliance and storage options for better functionality and efficiency. 

  • Think about how you’ll use your new space

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Your kitchen should work for you and how you plan to use that space. Some homeowners sparingly use their kitchen, except when they need to boil water. It’s all about aesthetics for such people, as functionality doesn’t matter. For others, the kitchen is their creative culinary workspace, entertainment hub, and family living area. Each kitchen has different uses and needs for different people. So, don’t just copy a design idea you saw in a magazine. Instead, think about how you’ll use your space and plan an extension that works for you.

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