A good home brings joy. But it can be even more joyful when you are near the sea or in a city that really excites you. The immense expanses of sands, the rolling waves, the lapping of the water. The sea has a powerful relaxing power too which is great for your mental health.

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According to several scientists, buying property by the sea can be great. You may want to look at luxury real estate brokerage. Then you may want to look at the top reasons to buy in an area with plenty of nature and water: 

1 – Stress reduction. Living by the sea would reduce our stress. A study from 2009 showed that coastal areas were the most revitalizing places. In addition to this, researchers also found that the color of the sea can help reduce psychological stress because it is a completely natural environment. Afterall, this is why blue is often used as a calming shade in hospitals and schools.

2 – Good emotional well-being. The sounds of the sea – like the sound of the waves, the song of the seagulls – are very important for our emotional well-being. A scientific study from Project BlueHealth reports that sounds heard by the sea stimulate the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This is the area responsible for our emotions and thinking. Scientists have also found that these sounds improve self-awareness and overall emotional well-being.

3 – Better breathing. It’s not really a surprise, the sea air helps us breathe better. This is also why we use saline solutions to clean the nose when it is congested. In addition, the air quality is much better on the coast thanks to less pollution. Breathing the sea air would help prevent illnesses or respiratory disorders.

4 – Longer sleep! Sea air improves our breathing, which has a direct impact on our sleep. The report “Sleep, Mood and Coastal Walking”, published in August 2015, interviewed several groups of walkers. Those who walked along the coast say they slept much longer the following night, reports Psychologies magazine. According to the study, it is the feeling of breaking away from everyday life that helps us sleep better in the evening. Nostalgia linked to childhood memories may also play a role.

5 – Fight against obesity and diabetes. A South Korean study treated obese mice with tap water and others with seawater from the depths. It has been found that salt water can reduce body weight and fat accumulation in small rodents. The researchers therefore concluded that the deep waters of the oceans had anti-diabetic and anti-obesity capacities. Inhaling the salty air has numerous benefits. 

6 – Strengthens socialization. A 2013 study reports that families spend more time together on a trip to the sea. Children interviewed explained that they felt their parents spent more time with them on these trips. These moments shared at the beach allow in particular a better relationship between children and parents. They learn to swim, build sandcastles, maybe windsurf, and more when they bond as a family. When you live near the sea, you are more likely to be more active, and go swimming or cycling.

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