Buying a gift for someone can be a minefield. Even when you know them well, it can be hard to pin down something they’re really going to appreciate. And when you go to ask them, they immediately work out why! However, there are many different ways around this awkward conversation, and it’s all about giving yourself plenty of time and having a few conversations with the right people. As such, here are the best ways to buy a good gift for someone without them figuring out what you’re up to. 

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Talk to Their Loved Ones

Talking to other friends and relatives is the perfect place to start. And while you’re also a loved one, that doesn’t mean you hold all the cards! Some people may know them a bit better or simply get the chance to talk to them more often, and it’s these people you need to have a word with. Ask them about things the recipient has been into recently, and what they might recommend for you to get. Collect a few ideas and then put them into action. 


Ask After Their Hobbies

We all have our own hobbies, so this will always be a good gift theme to work with. Plus, this is just a normal conversation to have with a friend or family member, so there’s nothing suspicious about the question. You’re simply taking an interest because you care about them! And once you’re locked into a chat like this, take plenty of mental notes. What are they working on? Did they mention any tools or materials they’d love to get a hold of? How could you complement the activity with a small gift? 


Look at What They Wear

What a person wears is a direct link to their personality. This makes it the perfect way to figure out what they’d really like to receive as a gift. For example, if they wear a lot of accessories, you can safely purchase a cuban link chain for their birthday. If they wear a lot of novelty shirts with logos or cartoons on them, you can then safely assume they’d like something similar for Christmas. Just take a look at them, take stock of their usual outfits, and even take a quick snoop through their wardrobe for some inspiration! 


Go Shopping with Them

This is a great way to gain insight into what piques their interest when they’re out and about, which then means you’ll come home again with thousands of ideas about what to get them as a gift. So hit your local mall or make a day out of it and head over to a big shopping center and watch as they go through the shelves. What products do they buy? What products do they like the look of but can’t justify spending money on? This is where you find out! 


Buying someone a good gift shouldn’t cause stress! Use tips like these to keep the process nice and simple for everyone. 

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