When any entrepreneur begins their journey into work, they possibly dream of the time where they have that corner office and a team of people working hard to bring their vision alive. Of course, that stage doesn’t happen overnight, and it solely begins on your own shoulders. Working hard, day in day out, to build up a company from nothing and turn it into something. To the point where you begin to hire a team of people to take responsibility for certain attributes of your business. You may have a sales focused team, a marketing expert, perhaps even a personal assistant to keep you to your schedule.


However, once you have employees working for you it then becomes your responsibility to keep them in their jobs, working hard and staying with you long term. The last thing any business owner wants is a big staff turnover. Recruitment can cost a lot of money, so it’s essential to believe that once you have the right people in place, that you do everything you can to keep them there. One way to do it is to create a thriving workplace for them to enjoy working in. 

Have a clear mission

People honestly do some of their best work, when they know their work matters. This is why it can be important to keep a workplace motivated by having a clear mission stated. This is when your very own mission statement could work well within the workplace. Make it clear and defined, something people want to be proud of to be part of. This ensures that everyone within your company is aligned to achieving the ultimate goal of your business. This is one of the biggest elements that you can have when it comes to having a thriving workplace, and so working on this can help you to bring this together to make it a success. 

Consider work scheduling to aid productivity

Having a work schedule would work well for some employees. Knowing when and where they need to be accountable at any given time. You may be wondering where you should start with it, so one simple idea would be to research some of the top work scheduling apps. Try each of them out and see what might work best for you and your business. It is also a great way to sync diaries and workout when time is free for monthly or quarterly reviews of targets, as well as helping your employees to shine within the workplace. 

Welcome people into the fold from the word go

If you find yourself interviewing someone you want to employ, invite them in for an office tour, or even to stay and have lunch with their potential new team. Even signing an offer letter there and then in person so your team can congratulate them on their new position. This can encourage a new person to want to work with you even more as they know exactly who they are working with and where. It’s an ideal way to lock in fantastic candidates and welcome people into the fold. 

A united team

When hiring, or indeed merging teams, etc, you might want to ensure that every employee is on the same page when it comes to the mission statement, the company goals, and where you want the business to be. A united team with the same goals will work far better together. You may be wondering what you can do when it comes to bringing the team and making it a more united front. This is when looking at fun happy hour ideas for work could be a good idea. You could look at focusing on the environment that is created, the flexibility and also looking at casual days where people could feel a little more relaxed at work. The main focus is to bring people together, and if you can do that, then your team, the individuals that make it, will be productive. Ensuring that you create a great working environment and thriving business that will continue to be successful.

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