Doc McStuffin's Birthday Party

So Cora is now about to turn 2 1/2, but I couldn’t help still sharing photos from her 2nd birthday party in January.  We went with a Doc McStuffins birthday party theme, mainly because she kinda sorta liked the show on Disney Junior but she LOVES playing doctor.  Anytime we got to a check-up at her pediatrician now, she knows exactly what to expect and is not the least bit scared.  In fact, she sees it as a fun game.  I also love that the show features a young girl who is a Doctor for toys, while her Mom is a Doctor for people.  YAY for strong female characters!  🙂

The event was hosted in one of Orlando’s teammates homes since we were still in Mexico, and it was hilarious to see a bunch of “tough”, extremely tall basketball players gathering to celebrate a little girl’s big day.  Even cuter was when they made sure to see her open their gift, and smiled so big when she expressed her delight every time.

I have to say Birthday Party #2 was WAY more fun from a mom perspective, mainly because Cora could vaguely understand the concept at this point.  She thought every party or gathering we went to for the next month was for her.  And of course every she was under the impression that every present was hers to rip open.  Many thanks to Pinterest for 99% of the ideas you see below, enjoy the pictures!

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Cora was so proud of everything once it was all set up.  We had three tables set up for food and drink, and then two additional tables for seating.  I got all of the signs, food tents, etc. from an Etsy shop and I was so happy I didn’t try to do it myself.  Photoshop + Me = A disaster every time.

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The Doc McStuffin’s theme provided lots of inspiration for food and drink, and my dear friend Paty was kind enough to execute my crazy ideas.  We had Band-Aid Cookies, apple cake pops (to keep the doctor away), Yogurt shots (which were actually purchased at a party store and intended for adult jello shots – ha!), pretzel thermometers, and “happy pills” filled with candy.  I also included Stuffy’s Sandwhiches, Chilly’s chips, and McStuffin’s muffins to correspond with some of the characters from the show.  The show isn’t super popular in Mexico, especially with professional basketball players (HA!), so most people didn’t understand the references, but it was fun nonetheless.

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On the invitation for the party everyone was asked to please bring a favorite stuffed animal for a check-up.  The favors were mini doctor kits for each child so they could then check-in themselves and their toys to “Doc Cora’s Clinic” and proceed to take temperature and blood pressures to their heart’s desire.  And of COURSE we included a pinata because, yeah.


All in all Cora had a great time with her friends, and as a parent it is always such an amazing feeling to know that your child is loved by so many friends and family.  Someday we’ll be able to have a birthday party for her in the States, but the beauty of social media (and this blog), is that she is growing up before many, many more eyes than just the ones that see her every day.  Love you so much Corabelle!