Chopping, coloring or teasing your hair may not seem like a life-changing event, but to some it can mean the beginning of something grand.  An edgy cut can give you the confidence to rock that job interview, and a perfectly placed side-swept bang can be the difference between a second date and the old “Don’t call me, I’ll call you….”  We are never defined by our exterior appearance, but it’s hard to deny how looking good makes us feel.  Thus, enlighten your life with one of these ‘dos that are guaranteed to give you a “can-do” attitude.

1.  Bangs

We are not talking about the bangs your Mom curled in the 4th grade, or the ones your Dad cut far too short in the 6th grade (oh, was that just me?).  Bangs have fast become an on-trend option for stylish women who dare to take an extra liberty with their hairstyles.  Behold, the beauty that is bangs.


2.  The Ombre Effect

The ombre trend has become noticeable with fashion bloggers such as Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine, and it really is a statement look, no matter if you’re photographed on a daily basis or just for this weekend’s bash.  Basically, the look is reverse highlights, almost to the point that it looks as though you’ve let your highlight grow out to the mid-way point in your hair’s length.  It is more of a commitment than just frosted tips, but when done correctly it looks effortless, edgy, and lends itself to a “just-rolled-out-of-bed” look.  What do you think of Rumi Neely’s version?


3.  The Razor Sharp Bob

A la Victoria Beckham, I believe ever power house woman should try a chic bob at least once in their life.  I’m not talking about your Mom’s haircut, rather, I’m suggesting a stick-straight, don’t-mess-with-me-or-I’ll-kick-your-face-in bob.  See if you can go for this look without feeling like a bad you-know-what afterwards.  I mean seriously, how could you not get that promotion at work when you look like this?  Perhaps skip on the the crazy fake tan and in your face boobs, at least for the office.


4.  Hair Extensions

I can’t vouch for more permanent extensions, but I have worn pieces from Jessica Simpson’s HairDo line, and it was so much fun.  I used them for my engagement photos shoot and not only could no one tell, everyone was asking who did my hair for that day, and what kind of shampoo I was using.  My hair is incredibly thin, and I could not stop staring at the voluminous mass that was my hair that day.  I mean that in the best way possible, of course.  My only complaint was slight discomfort after wearing them for the majority of the day and outdoors.  However, the sheer selection of hair extensions ensures that you can redically change your look, even if it’s just for a night.


5.  Color Your World

You knew it was coming.  The single craziest way to change it up with your hair is color, be it brunette, blonde, or lime green.  The most recent example of this has been Rihanna’s brilliant ruby hair, which love it or hate it, has made you take a second glance at the singer.  So if you’re looking to stand out, break the mold, and create a brand new you, go for a bold new color, Rihanna’s S&M optional.  Behold, a snapshot from Rihanna’s Vogue shoot that was heard (or rather, read) around the world.






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