One of the most difficult things to deal with is insomnia. Whether you can’t sleep because of your job or you can’t sleep because of the kids, insomnia can be very difficult to cope with. It’s not the actual moment of insomnia where you can’t fall back to sleep that hurts the most, it’s the stressful ramifications the next day. When you can’t sleep, it can feel like it’s ruining your life. You deserve less stress and you deserve to be able to deal with insomnia so that you can finally settle down and sleep soundly.


There are many different causes of insomnia, if you can’t get the right sleep and it kicks in right before you’re about to manage an intense work or school or personal situation, insomnia itself may be induced because of your stress. Insomnia can really wreak havoc on your life, and whether it’s caused by addiction, or it’s caused by a very tough job, it’s going to impact your mind and body in a variety of ways. For some, insomnia is a side-effect of an illness or an addiction, and speaking to the Delphi Health Group can help. Below, we have put together four ways that you can deal with insomnia.

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Find the source of the stress.

The best and first way that you can deal with insomnia, is to figure out what is stressing you out in the first place. Stress tends to feast on your mind, and it can make you feel very insecure, it can make you feel very uneasy and on edge. If you can figure out the source of your stress, the odds are good that you’ll be able to fix the problem. If your schedule is causing you stress you can look at ways you can manage your time better or get some help with managing your time better. If working full time isn’t working for you, speak to your boss and see whether or not a hybrid working environment or less hours would help.


Make small changes.

This doesn’t instantly change your stress levels, and it won’t instantly fix the problem that’s causing insomnia in the first place. But the schedule in your life is where the smallest changes are going to have a big difference. If you’re going to sleep at 11 every night, swap your bedtime to 10. If you’re eating high sugar foods, stop eating those things after lunchtime and see if it makes a difference. It sounds simple, but the smallest changes really can stop you from having that insomniac episode in the night.


Remove screen time from your bedroom.

Blue light technology has a lot to answer for, and insomnia is one of the things that is doing. If you consume too many screens in front of your eyes during the day, it’s going to interrupt your sleep cycles and make you feel worse. Take screens away from the bedroom and change the way you fall asleep and it will make a big difference to get your sleep. 


Choose natural methods of inducing sleep.

Having caffeine right before bed? Bad idea. Sleeping pills? Also not a great idea. Instead of being trapped on a stress related insomnia treadmill, try and find as many natural methods of falling asleep as you can. From exercise, to warm milk, it will make a difference.

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