These days, technology at home has become an incredibly important part of our lives. We do a lot of our work on laptop or desktop computers, and we’re constantly connected with the rest of the world through our smartphone. Being always-online has its benefits, but it can also be troublesome for others who find it difficult to escape from their work commitments.

However, technology doesn’t need to be this huge thing that limits us or creates problems. In fact, technology should be something that offers us a lot more freedom to do what we want. So in this blog, we’ll be looking at a few ways to maximize the potential of the technology in our home. More specifically, we’ll be looking at some of the ways to use your computers or mobile devices in ways you never expected.


Understanding how some tech can save you money


One of the most liberating tech-related things you can do is ditch cable TV. It’s a huge monthly expense that a lot of people don’t need considering all of the on-demand television services available to us these days. It’s also based on old technology that, while it works, doesn’t always provide the most convenient experience. On-demand subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix can work on your TV, phone or even a laptop, making it extremely convenient and easy to access.


Unlocking the potential of your devices


Many tech devices are usually locked so that users can’t get too much functionality out of them. For example, this guide from Troypoint will show you how to use an app called Kodi which grants you access to thousands of channels across the world. Another good example is learning to install different apps on your Android or iOS phone that normally wouldn’t be available on typical app stores. This is much easier on an Android device since you can install files easily, but on iOS it requires modifying some of the files on your phone. This gives you access to a much wider range of services and functionality that previously wouldn’t be available.


Using tech to save space


Perhaps one of the most interesting things about technology is the ability to squeeze lots of data into a small space. There are two big uses for this; music and books.


Music tends to take up a lot of space, especially if you have many records and CDs. These can be stored in your garage or basement to get them out of the way, then you can use a music streaming service to listen to all of your songs instead. While some purists find it difficult to give up their older records and discs, most other people would be fine listening to music through a set of speakers connected to their phone.


Likewise, you might be able to make a lot of extra space in your home if you donate your books away and instead get digital versions of them which can be read on an inexpensive device such as a Kindle or even your laptop.

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