On my wedding day, almost exactly four years ago, I really went all out for my makeup.  We had a makeup artist come to my parent’s house, and one by one my bridesmaids, mother, and I were all put through plucking, pulling, air brushing, and last of all, fake eyelashes.  I loved the look in photos afterwards, but that day I remember feeling like my eyelids were so heavy.  And taking them off at the end of the night was a bit excruciating.  I’ve worn them a few times since then, but it has to be a major event for me to go through the effort.  I have a few friends that wear fake eyelashes on a DAILY BASIS.  Props to you girlfriends, because I simply can’t hack it.  Here’s the specific reasons why I hate fake eyelashes:

1) They are too much work.

Who has time to glue something to your face every morning? Sorry fake eyelash companies, but I need something a little faster.  Actually, a lot faster.

2) They are not comfortable.

You can’t mess with them once they’re on, they make you feel like you’re wearing a hood over your eyes, and taking them off feels as though you’re removing a layer of skin.  And there’s not many layers to work with on your EYELID.

3) You look like crap after you take them off.

If you love the look of fake eyelashes, after you take them off you end up appearing rather sickly.  There’s just no way to recreate that much drama, and I’ve mentioned before how much I hate adding things to my beauty routine unless they are 100% necessary and worry-free.


So what’s a girl to do? Be content with the lashes she has? Not in the 21st century, my friends. My friend Liz Webb introduced me to Younique 3D fiber lashes the other day, and I am hooked.  They’re worlds apart from fake eyelashes in that they build upon your actual lashes.  And it’s not nearly as expensive or time-consuming as Latisse or similar gels that claim to fertilize your lashes (so to speak) and grow them to ridiculous lengths. See the results for yourself:

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Review


So here’s how it works: you start the process by using your usual mascara (I prefer Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara – it is seriously superb and totally worth the price, I promise) and eyelash curler if that’s part of your routine.

Then you apply the Younique transplating gel as quickly as you can.  Be sure to do one side at a time!  Before the gel dries, you then apply the natural fibers.  This is where it gets good. The natural fibers are like teeny tiny extensions that attach to your lashes and look completely natural.  Finish with one more layer of the transplanting gel to seal it all in and voila! A new set of eyelashes are yours without having to endure the pain and problems I detest with falsies.



{All photos by Brandy Rae Photography}

In my experience using Younique, the only issue I had was a little bit of flaking after a day’s worth of wear.  The instructions mentioned though that if you applied too many fibers at once this may happen.  Perhaps I got a bit overzealous because I felt so…younique. See what I did there? Liz has graciously offered to give away another set for a lucky reader to try, or you can shop her store here.  Bottom line though, anything is better than falsies, so Younique should be in your makeup bag immediately!




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  P.S. I was given a complimentary set of Younique fiber lashes to try. Don’t worry though, all opinions are my own.  This post may also contain affiliate links which means if you click, I may be compensated. Thank you for supporting Haute in Texas!

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