summer reading list


When I think about the number of books I was able to read on a regular basis in my pre-kids life, it really makes me sad.  It was easy to tuck away for an afternoon, cuddle up with a book and a warm blanket, and just let my imagination run.  Nowadays those type of afternoons are practically non-existent, so I tend to stick with books that are either a) really easy to put down and pick back up when I only have 15 minutes or b) really, really good so that I make the time to read them.  Here’s what I’m reading right now:

1) The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History

Oddly enough, this was a birthday present, and I hadn’t actually heard of the moment in history the book discusses before.  Then I was reading Oscar de la Renta’s interview in Fern Mallis’ book and he mentioned it.  Essentially, in 1973 the top five American designers were invited to Versailles to put on a fashion showdown with the top five French designers and the Americans were expected to flop completely against the powerhouse Europeans.  What happened, though, would change the course of fashion forever. I’ll just leave it at that and let you read it to find out. 😉

2) The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body

Feel free to scoff at another celebrity-written book, but I genuinely think Cameron Diaz played an integral role in writing The Body Book, and I do believe she actually believes in the lifestyle she’s promoting.  And it is a lifestyle, not a diet or get-skinny-quick scheme.  She wants you to know all about your amazing body, how it works, and why it’s important to treat it well.  I love that.

3) Gospel According to Coco Chanel: Life Lessons From The World’s Most Elegant Woman

My dad actually got me this book, because he knows I love fashion, and it’s a great one to pick up and read when I have a spare ten minutes.  I have even more respect for the legendary icon now, and I love that there’s a whole chapter devoted to her thoughts on “cultivating arch rivals”.  Who doesn’t want to learn from a woman like that?

4) The Goldfinch: A Novel

This is my late night, dig in, time to myself book.  It’s not an easy read, so I have to be able to focus without someone needing to nurse, or someone needing a band-aid.  Donna Tartt won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with this novel, so trust me when I say it’s excellent.  The story is winding, mesmerizing, and tugs at the heart.  Perfect for summer.


What are you reading right now? What’s the best kind of book for a mom of young children to read?



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