I inherited a lot of wonderful things from my mama, but one thing I have always wanted to change was my thin, flat hair. I’ve tried all sorts of things, from rinses, to sprays, to vitamins, to shampoos and more. So when Foligain asked if I’d like to try their Triple Action Hair Care System, I was skeptical at best. I typically don’t have a lot of time to add cumbersome steps to my routine, and many of the hair restoration lines leave my hair weighed down and still losing thickness by the minute. I’ve always wanted something simple, easy to implement, and effective for a holy grail-level hair care system.

And y’all, here’s the great news. I truly believe they’ve finally nailed it. Foligain‘s combination of the volumizing shampoo and nourishing lightweight conditioner gave my hair more va-va-voom than it’s had in a long time. I’m so used to my hair being flat constantly I didn’t know what to do with all the volume. It was Texas hair to the max. Combined with the new-found volume was a shine and touchability that I had missed so much. Between pregnancies and constant hormonal swings, I don’t think we as women truly take a minute to remember what our hair was like 5, 10, 15 years ago.

But the true kicker to Foligan’s system is the hair and scalp roller, combined with the Trioxidil Complete Formula to make sure the vitamins, Biotin, and other peptides are as effective as possible. I knew you could roll your face. I even knew you could roll your body. But I had no idea scalp rolling was a thing. It feels a little funny at first, but I’ve been using it for about a month on the sides of my head where my hair is thinnest and love the results so far. You just quickly roll over the area, and the 540 Titanium needles do their job. It’s not painful, just a strange sensation.


I’m a big believer that systems should be used together to be their most effective, and it would appear Foligain has been able to create a system that is equal parts effective and easy to implement. You can find their line at HEB, HEBToYou.com, or on Amazon, and I would highly recommend giving it a shot. They even recommend the line for use as a preventative measure, so though you might be happy with your hair now, it might be worth looking into to maintain that shine and body!


The great news too is Foligain has a line for men, so even if you’ve already found your holy grail hair care, the man in your life might need this product at some point! Let me know if you try it, and what you think!



P.S. This post was sponsored by Foligain. Don’t worry though, all opinions are my own.