The world is full of impossible beauty standards to follow and ideals that just don’t make all that much sense but that we feel we need to try to emulate as much as possible. It can be difficult to try to keep up, and in many cases, because those standards are impossible, it can leave us feeling as though we’re just not good enough and can’t measure up. 


The thing to remember is that everyone’s definition of beauty is different, and the pictures we see online and in magazines are often fake, at least in part. So why not celebrate who you are instead and look at ways to feel beautiful without any makeup at all? The results might surprise you, and you could even find your new look. Read on to find out more. 

feel beautiful without makeup

Photo by cottonbro studio


Have A Great Skincare Routine 

When you have healthy, glowing skin, you’ll find you’ve got the perfect foundation for real natural beauty, so by coming up with a carefully thought out skincare routine that suits your skin type, you can work complete wonders, and give yourself that healthy, gorgeous look you thought was only possible with makeup before. 


The steps to follow are to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise, and then, if you’re going outside (even if it’s just in your own garden), make sure you put on some sunscreen as well (the sun’s UV rays can destroy collagen, which leads to wrinkles and lines). When your skin feels good, you’re going to feel fantastic and confident and not need to add any makeup on top. 


Have A Lovely Smile 

Good skin is a great start, and it will certainly make a difference, but something else that’s sure to help is to have a lovely smile too. A genuine smile can light up a room, and that’s not just a cliche or an exaggeration – it really can make a difference. If you’re not used to smiling, try practicing in the mirror – the more you smile, the more you’ll realise that it makes you look beautiful, so you’ll be likely to do it more. 


If you don’t like your teeth, this could cause a problem, but there are ways around the issue. If you have dental problems, go and see your dentist for help, so you can get a great smile back again. If it’s not oral health but instead you have crooked teeth, don’t worry; you can get teeth straightener products to ensure you fix the gaps and crooked parts and end up with a stunning smile you’ll love to show off. 


Love Your Imperfections 

As we said at the start, the magazine images everyone wants to emulate aren’t real, and those models are going to have plenty of ‘imperfections’ that just get covered up using computer wizardry. 

Rather than worrying about anything you don’t like about yourself, why not think of it a different way – your freckles, scars, and other marks on your body are just things that make you entirely unique, so they’re actually good things, not something to be ashamed of. Why would you want to look just like everyone else? Don’t do it, and enjoy being entirely you.

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