Are you looking to get your business noticed? There is so much competition in the world today that you need to step up to stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily, there are several things you can do to rise above the rest.

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Give Away Branded Products

Take a moment to reflect on popular logos. Do you even need to see the brand’s name, or is the logo of some famous arches or a significant swoosh enough to elicit a response? That is a goal for you to strive to achieve for brand recognition. To make that happen, work with a wholesaler to have your company’s name and logo printed on a wide range of products.


Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • NFC and RFID Cards, Stickers, Plastic Toggles, and Wristbands
  • Lanyards: Eco, Custom-Printed, Pre-Printed, Woven and Applique, Silicone, and Wrist
  • Custom Printed Cards and Passes
  • Printed Ribbon
  • Badge and ID Card Holders
  • Custom Name Badges and Name Tags
  • Retractable ID Pullers and Badge Pulls
  • Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer
  • Medical Supplies


Once you have your new branded items in hand, you can give them to your employees to incentivize their hard work and dedication. Pass the products on to your customers to show your appreciation for their loyalty. With both of these options, your company’s name will go out into the world and begin to advertise for you in locations you might not otherwise reach.  


If someone attaches the newly gifted hand sanitizer to their gym bag, it reaches a whole new market in the gym and the locker room. People will see your unique logo, make a connection or even ask the owner where they got it. This is mobile advertising at its best. Even better, you only have to pay for the product once and send it out into the world. The rest is done for you!


Focus on Marketing

When a business has partnered with a professional marketing firm, people notice and it pays off in dividends. You can do it all yourself, but when you are busy running your company and trying to scale for growth, you do not have time to become a jack of all trades. You need to focus on the business at hand. Enter the marketing professionals. They will help you with a wide variety of services to increase your visibility.


Some services you should look for are:


  • Community Programming: Special Appearances, Influencer Marketing, and Events Planning
  • Marketing and Advertising: Branding and Design, Media Buying, and Digital Marketing and Social Media Management
  • Media Relations: Media Alerts, Press Releases, and Pitching


If you are interested and excited about the aforementioned branded products, consider whether you need an update or a rebrand first. If so, your new partnership with a marketing firm can move you in the right direction to redo your logo, style, and colors. Try something new and bold, or timeless and classic to get noticed and be remembered.


The experts in marketing and advertising will meet with you to learn what you are doing now and what you can do to increase visibility and revenue alike. Reaching your target demographics is key, but finding a broader audience might invite new people to learn about you, your company, your product, and everything you have to offer. 


Rethink Your Storefront

If you have a brick-and-mortar location in addition to your online presence, take a good look at the building. Try viewing your establishment from a potential consumer’s perspective. Walk across the street and look at it from every angle. Is your store hidden behind tree branches? Is your signage visible from multiple directions and well lit at night?


Now look at how inviting your location is to others. Is the facade clean and well-maintained? Is it ADA compliant and accessible for all? When people go by, are they intrigued to enter and look around? If you find anything broken, out-of-date, or unkempt, now is the time to fix it and bring your building up to date.


Greet Your Customer

How you greet your customers is just as important as whether you say hello or not to people visiting your establishment. They may not recall your exact words, but they will remember how they felt during your interaction.


Here is a video showing you the best practices for how to greet customers.

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Now that you know what to do to get noticed, it is time to begin. Make a positive and proactive change for your business, team, and customers. Go ahead and start making the changes you want to see.

P.S. This post contains affiliate links.