Over 80% of children between 13 and 15 play long hours. But pre-teen gaming is also popular. Here’s how to make a better video game environment for your child.

Buy Comfortable Furniture

Most children will happily spend an entire day and night playing a video game like Minecraft and Fortnite. However, experts recommend children under the age of 12 play for no more than 30 minutes per on a school night and 2 hours on non-school days. But to be fair, getting something done in a game takes a while. And there isn’t enough data to suggest this harms your kids. Yet they will need comfy furniture to avoid muscle aches and cramps during an extended session.

Limit their Playing Time

Of course, doing anything for an excessive amount of time is bad for anyone. And gaming is no different. The increased brain activity required to solve game puzzles and logical thinking means your kids can be wide awake after a session. This means they may get less sleep on a school night. Fortunately, modern gaming consoles come with parental controls. These allow for setting specific times they can access their games and automatically shut off the console.

Reduce Connection Dropouts

A quality of life update for your kids’ playing times, a better internet connection will greatly enhance their playing experience. But nobody enjoys a game where they keep losing because the internet connection constantly drops out. One major reason is that kids often choose Wi-Fi because it’s easier and requires no installation. Yet a Wi-Fi connection is shared. Whereas ethernet isn’t, so fiber has fewer issues than wireless internet and will reduce tantrums.

See this infographic for more information on fiber internet:

Infographic designed by fiber has fewer issues than wireless internet

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