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“Rad” (also known as radical) is a term that denotes many characteristics. It’s not just the virtue of being cool, but being presently and importantly cool, as if the cool supply could only shower certain people or organizations with radiance right now, and fortunately, it’s selected you.


As a business, being seeing as “rad” in the eyes of your audience is the height of goodwill, of making the best impression, and of seeming present, interesting and of the now. As such, businesses often spend a great deal of money each year trying to at least convey this impression.


If you hope to take the next step in your promotional capabilities, then figuring out how to look “rad” is a worthwhile place to start. However, a relatively vague concept cannot be acted upon, it must be actualized and then presented within particular design decisions.


A website is a good place to start. Not only is it the hub where most of your audience will interact with your brand, but it serves as your greatest ambassador, hub and resource to showcase your brand at its most inspiring and interesting.


So – let’s make a vague but interesting term into a practical exercise; discussing how to make your commercial website look “rad!”


High-Quality Rolling Video


It’s always great to introduce your homepage visitors to high-quality video of your operations and premises. Here you can learn more about the benefits of drone shots and their general coverage over places you’ve worked, your main premises, or staff having a good time in all their productive glory.


This footage might include you shaking hands with clients, your technicians working hard on their daily tasks, or people coming into your business. You can hire actors to provide this coverage if needed, and wait until the perfect summer’s day to get those wonderful drone shots. No matter how you go about it, there’s something present and interesting about a rolling promotional film that helps distinguish your website. A rolling montage of thirty seconds or so, compressed to the web for easy loading and formatted for multiple-device viewing, can be a great idea. That way, everyone can enjoy your film serving as good background footage, without it being too bloated or hard to load.


A Splendid Meet The Team Page


Ultimately, celebrating your team, the movers and shakers of your brand, will help you humanize your website. You might have a staff member of the month showcased on your website with a small quote regarding their insight into your industry.


You can also use an offshoot meet the team page with a summary of your expertise, vague but humanizing information about their tastes and interests, and how they contribute to your team. With good headshots, professionally done, you also add a sense of authenticity to your team and the people who work within your premises each and every day.


Staff love to be implemented in the story of the brands they work so hard to sustain, and so this in itself can help them feel noticed and appreciated. A little goes a long way. Moreover, if your employees think your website is “rad,” then you’ve already achieved one victory.


Easy Searching, Menus, Indexes


Navigability is the name of the game when it comes to operating a website, as is multi-device support. With capable drop-down or mobile-accessible menus and a useful search bar, you’re in the best place to achieve that.


This way, no one has to worry about finding something on your website. A simple search can find every indexed product or service page, blog post, and event page where necessary. This might not make your website seem “rad” on the surface, however, it does prevent frustration and improves customer retention when they can find what they’re looking for. In other words, it allows your website to remain useful at all levels, because irritation is totally not rad.


Publish Insightful Content


A company that can flex its knowledge and inside perspective into the field it services is worth paying attention to. You can publish this insight on your blog pages if necessary, such as through regular blog posts penned by people in your firm.


Alternatively, you might outsource this content to an SEO agency with specific copywriting briefs, so you can get on with the tasks you’re most needed for. However, having a personal touch is certainly appreciated. In some cases, you might use video presenters to discuss common topics of your industry, answer frequently asked questions on your website, or upload weekly insights and questions to your YouTube channel. 


This helps humanize your brand and gives visitors a reason to come back to your pages even if they’re not purchasing a product or booking a service at that time. This works in the spirit of lead generation but with a value-added approach. In other words, putting your best foot forward and offering something to your visitors without the expectation of reward, but being open to it, is a healthy way to go about retaining or gathering clients. Very rad indeed.


Website-Only Promotions


If visitors feel rewarded for trying your website, you can bet they’ll feel good about their decision and may even replicate it subconsciously in future. For instance, you might offer specific onboarding promotions for customers who visit your website, or promotions for returning customers in their account section.


You might also offer bundle discounts for those who try more than one service at a time. In addition to that, referral programs might offer rewards to customers who give a sign-up link to their friend or business partner/connection. 


This can be especially useful if you have many portals redirecting to your website, because this way you make your website the authority, the main place people can come to get the best deals or to see what may be on offer that week. This might help you stand out as part of your industry, and can apply to restaurants offering coupons for those visiting their website on specific days, to full-scale marketing firms offering a second package free if they pick up the first. Rewards and loyalty programs are very rad indeed.


With this advice, you’re sure to help your business not only look rad but function in a radical way, too. This way, your online presence will always be the best presentation of your brand.

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