It’s a well known fact that your working surroundings have a big influence on your productivity and focus during a working day. The structure and setting of your workspace, the layout of your equipment and the set-up of your desk are all things which directly affect your physical and mental state. It’s important to understand how these things can influence the quality and quantity of tasks you can get done during an average working day


Your workspace should be uplifting, ergonomically designed and adequately lit. It should contain a place to store gadgets so that they don’t become a source of distraction – this helps you to stay on-task, organized and efficient. 


Keeping your space clean is also important – throwing away unnecessary items, creating storage for things that you need to keep and maintaining an organizational system that suits your needs. 


It’s also true that adding a little greenery in the form of a plant can really give your workspace a boost. It literally brings life and freshness in, as well as acting as a natural air purifier and calming the mind by providing a small connection to the natural world. 


Never be afraid to add a personal touch too – photographs of happy times or loved ones can make us smile and remind us why we’re working so hard! 


No one person at work is the same – we all have our own opinions, passions, skills and motivations, so it’s about about finding the desk set-up that best suits you and your working style. 


Here are a few things to try that may help you get started: 

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