A little over 8 weeks ago, I told you all that I was beginning a journey. InBalance San Antonio was going to be my new home for fitness and nutrition advice, and I’d be diving headfirst into an experience to reset my body and my mind. I’m happy to say I not only survived, I LOVED it! It wasn’t easy, but I managed to stick with the plan for the majority of the eight weeks and come out at the end smarter about my overall health. Check out the “after” photos below!

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Throughout the 8 To Great Program, I loved being able to meet weekly with my fellow “classmates”. We were a group of about 10 ladies all going through the same thing, and as the weeks wore on we’d see each other in other classes and check in with our progress. It took away the stress of joining a new gym and feeling like you’re the only one starting from square one. I also grew to love having a different class every day. Monday was our 8 to Great circuit class, Tuesday was TRX, Wednesday was Barre Express, Thursday was Restorative Yoga for relaxation, and Friday was InBalance Body, an intense combination of dance and core work. Each week I felt myself getting stronger, seeing definition, and feeling more energy throughout the day. Where normally I might sit at my desk all day, I was feeling motivated to hang out at my standing desk, or go on a walk with the girls in the evening after dinner. It wasn’t so much about the pounds dropping off for me, which a few did. It was about regaining some muscle I had lost from pregnancy and inactivity. It was about resetting my internal system to crave health food, not fried food.

That brings us to the nutrition side of things, which is where I struggle the most. I went out the first day and bought every single thing on the grocery list Hope gave us, and tried all sorts of new things. But it was the night of the Fashion Awards that threw me off just enough to cause a bump in the road. My biggest piece of advice for anyone considering this program would be to THINK AHEAD when it comes to your schedule. Initially I signed up for 8 weeks, not factoring in the Fashion Awards, traveling to see my sister, etc. If I would have planned ahead better I think I could have seen even better results. There will never be a perfect time for starting your fitness journey, but at least when you can see your pitfalls coming, you can avoid them! For example, don’t let your extremely pregnant sister talk you into cupcake happy hours on a nightly basis! 😉

InBalance San Antonio

The next 8 To Great program will be starting in January, just after the holidays! To sign up to receive notification before it fills up, sign up for the InBalance newsletter here. Just scroll to the botttom and click subscribe! You can also follow InBalance on Instagram here, and like their Facebook page here. And to hear from the owner of InBalance herself, watch the video below!

Thank you so much Hope for allowing me to be a part of this first round of 8 To Great! You’ve created such a wonderful community at InBalance, and your energy is contagious! I love your passion for encouraging women to be their best self, no matter what that means. And another big thanks to the resident babysitter at InBalance, HEIDI, who kept Miss Issa entertained for me pretty much EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Without your help I wouldn’t have been able to do this at all!




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