Altitude Trampoline Park

Believe it or not, my baby is now four. FOUR. That’s not even a baby, that’s a little girl. Y’all we’re basically about to drop her off at college. I don’t know why, but a four-year-old sounds a LOT older to me than a 3-year-old. At three, you can still remember changing diapers, nursing, feeding them pureed foods. Once four hits, suddenly you’re having full blown conversations about the meaning of life and she’s asking to have a play date with her boyfriend who she loves. Which is true, by the way. His name is William and they both have curly hair, which in preschool means you’re MFEO (made for each other).

Issa Brooke was strangely the calmest baby who has now turned into our wild child to say the least. Cora was the opposite. Bit of a handful in the beginning, easy as pie now. I mean Cora sets her own timer on her own watch to do her 20 minutes of reading per day for school. Issa, on the other hand, can push me to the brink of my sanity. She is so full of life, so strong-willed, and then she decides she wants to change her outfit for the 47th time that morning. But she also holds my face at night and asks me to snuggle with her. She begged me to play Calico Critters with her just yesterday, and no one else would do. We used to call Cora a Sour Patch kid, first she’s sour, then she’s sweet, and really Issa’s the same way. Maybe all kids are?!

Before I start to wax poetic on parenting and the varying degrees that my kids drive me crazy/make me love them more fiercely than anything else on the planet, I wanted to share our experience having our birthday party at Altitude Trampoline Park! We normally host our parties at home, but this year I was just not feeling up to it. The planning, the stress of prepping food and cleaning before and after, BLEH. I just didn’t have it in me. So our friends at Altitude Trampoline Park seemed like the perfect place to outsource all the party mayhem!

If you have children, I’m sure you’ve been to a trampoline park, but Altitude really sets themselves apart with their party planning services. All we did was tell them the number of guests we were expecting, and they recommended the party room, pizza order, and provided balloons, paper supplies, and a party host! So easy. Of course I went a bit overboard and still ordered our own themed LOLSurprise decor, but they were totally fine with us setting that up beforehand! They also allowed us to bring in our own cake, and I could have brought veggie/fruit trays to compliment the pizza, but again, going for easy peasy here.

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Issa you know she has energy for days, so jumping around for two hours on a Friday night was the perfect entertainment for her and her friends. She was so excited to invite friends, family, school classmates, and there was room for everyone in the Party Room. Our Party Host Tyra guided us through the party step by step, ensuring I never needed anything or felt even a tinge of stress. She even cut the ice cream cake (generously provided by Lito, aka Grandpa, thanks Lito!) for us so we could just enjoy the moment with our girl.

Unfortunately for Issa her birthday falls right in the middle of Spring Break and Daddy’s playoff basketball season, but even though he wasn’t able to make it back for this party, Issa was so busy having fun and bouncing off the walls with her friends she didn’t have a moment to be sad. That’s a tribute to a well-planned and FUN time, so thank you Altitude for helping us celebrate our girl the best we could.

Do YOU want to take the family out for a jumpin’ good time? Altitude is giving away TWO family four packs of jump passes on the Haute in Texas Instagram, just click here to find the post and enter! Winner announced 4/1, must be located in San Antonio to win. Good luck!



P.S. This post was sponsored by Altitude Trampoline Park. Don’t worry though, all opinions are my own!