The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you’re bound to want to keep yours in good shape! I’ve also begun following a housekeeper on TikTok who has given me so many fantastic ideas for deep cleaning that I never would’ve thought of otherwise! You’re going to use this space on a daily basis, cooking meals, washing up, completing household chores such as the washing and drying and simply spending time in the space with your family or friends. Any space that gets plenty of use is likely to experience a lot of wear and tear, so you’re going to have to put plenty of effort into keeping your kitchen up to scratch. Here are a few suggestions that will keep your kitchen functional, sparkling clean and up to standard!


Carry Out Necessary Repairs

Let’s start out with something that people tend to ignore – repairs. Many of us have many minor repairs in our home that we ignore because they’re not completely stopping us from doing the things we need to do. We’ll ignore a leaky tap as long as it’s not overflowing and as long as we can still use the tap as and when we need to. We might ignore a broken spark on the oven as long as we can still light the hob with a specialist lighter. But repairing these issues as soon as you notice them really is important. This will prevent further damage from happening. Ignoring issues can result in things worsening and becoming significantly more costly to fix down the line. So, no matter what you need repaired – whether you need a switch fixed or a thermal fuse for your dryer, make sure to get the professionals in as soon as possible!

Clean Everything from Top to Bottom

A kitchen requires a lot of cleaning to stay hygienic and in good condition. Now, there are some tasks we complete most days. We’ll do the washing up or clean the dishes, we wipe down the surfaces, we’ll sweep and mop the floor. But you need to make sure you do the more in-depth cleaning tasks every once in a while too! Firstly, there is little point in completing tasks if the filtration systems are leaving you with poor air quality. So, acquiring the help of a professional HVAC service can be a key step in your bid to restore the room to its ‘brand new’ state. On a side note, the experts can transform your other living spaces too. Following this step, you should make a little checklist and ensure everything gets cleaned from top to bottom as and when necessary. Clean the inside of the oven carefully. Clean the inside of your microwave. Clean inside the cupboard by emptying them out, wiping them down and waiting for them to dry before replacing the items. This will all leave your kitchen sparkling.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Storage

Kitchens have plenty of belongings in them, so it can be easy for things to begin to look pretty cluttered. Having plenty of storage options can make things look a little more neat and tidy and can also make the whole space more practical and functional. Consider shelves for jars and cookery books. Consider pots for utensils. Consider racks for pots and pans. These little additions will help you to organise the space!

These simple steps really can transform your kitchen. So implement as many as possible and see the results before you know it!



P.S. This post is a paid collaboration.