I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I attend at least one event a week in San Antonio. Be it for business networking, socializing with my girls, or spending time with the family, I’m always out and about to experience all that this city has to offer. Many of these events are tied to a charity of some kind, and it’s no secret that there are literally hundreds of worthy causes to lend our time and resources too. But last week I had the opportunity to attend a very special event organized in part by my friend, Patty Vela, Chief of Development and Outreach for the Autism Community Network. When she asked if Tori and I would be willing to share our experiences at the Le Brunch des Chapeaux on their social media networks, we couldn’t have said yes fast enough.

According to their website, the mission of Autism Community Network is to maximize the potential of children with autism by providing early diagnosis for those with limited access and educating and empowering the community to support them. While neither of my children have been diagnosed, I have friends whose children are affected, family members who have been diagnosed, and of course I hope for a better world for all just like any decent human being would.

le brunch des chapeaux

At the event, there’s a silent auction, live bidding on additional items, a hat contest, and perhaps my favorite part of the event: ACN parent Michelle Harrison telling the story of her son’s diagnosis after years of trials and tribulations. Quite literally after sharing my experiences at the event on social media, I had conversations with two separate moms in San Antonio who have children on the spectrum and didn’t know that an organization like ACN existed here. They are precisely the reason the Autism Community Network exists: to help alleviate the isolation and overwhelming feeling of not knowing which way to turn for your child’s needs.

A fashion show by Julian Gold capped off a lovely lunch, and Tori and I happened to also be seated at a table with ACN board members who were able to tell us more about the organization and their personal reasons for involvement. It take a village to make any non-profit function, and ACN is clearly lucky to have such a substantial and passionate volunteer base. It’s truly a testament to San Antonio’s giving heart as a whole.

While I gasped and gushed over several women’s impeccable style that day, I have to give a shout out to Christine A. Moore for lending me one of her gorgeous hand-painted fascinators to wear for the occasion. I felt utterly like a princess, paired with my Dolce & Gabbana floral dress and Banana Republic heels. Nothing like a high-low moment, am I right? I’m simply of the opinion that any opportunity to don a fancy hat and lunch on a lush green lawn should never be turned down. It made it even more special to be supporting Patty and such a wonderful organization, so thank you Autism Community Network for having Tori and I. It truly was our honor.



P.S. For more about the services the Autism Community Network provides, please visit their website here.


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