It’s hard to exist in today’s society without being subjected to unrealistic ideals about the way that your body should look. Lingerie clad models plastered over billboards, social media influencers with photoshopped waists, and constant critical content that shames almost all body shapes and sizes is difficult to escape, and it’s easy to figure out why so many people have fallen out of love with themselves. This lack of appreciation for oneself can have a dramatic effect on both your mental and physical wellbeing, so for the sake of your health it’s vital that you can start to make a few positive changes. If you would like to find out more about how you can learn to love your body, then read on to uncover some of the best ideas and concepts that you can utilise today to feel the benefits in no time at all. 

love your body

Take A Social Media Detox 


Social media can have such a dire effect on your body image, as it’s rife with essentially unachievable standards in the form of doctored images. Photoshop is apparent on almost every influential users page, whether it takes on the form of cinching to create a slimmer figure, enlargement of breasts and/or hips as well as seemingly endless facial reconstruction that often makes the subject of the photo look unrecognisable to their real life self. As you are unlikely to see these celebrities face to face, it’s hard to understand the length that photoshoppers actually go to when posting a simple selfie. Removing yourself from this platform will allow you to detox away from the negativity and false idols that occupy social media, allowing you to focus on yourself rather than thinking only of others. Nothing beneficial will come from spending hours staring at influencers’ beach side pics dreaming of being in their shoes, as for all you know they may even be posing in front of a green screen – very little of what you see on social media is the truth. 


Dress More Comfortably 

Feeling the need to follow trends and copy the style of those around you will not aid you in appreciating your body, as you must make an effort to dress for yourself in a way that’s comfortable for you. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter when you open your wardrobe to choose your clothes each morning, as you should instead focus on wearing something that fits you properly whilst suiting your own personal preferences. Push up bras and tiny underwear often cause heavy discomfort, so start off with the basics and visit undywear to figure out the best option for your unique needs. Avoid the typical high street stores that just stock seasonal fast fashion trend pieces, as their pieces are often not made with care and consideration regarding sizing, meaning they only fit one certain body type. Look around online, searching for your own specific requirements such as a tall, petite, plus size and so much more. Think about what you like, not what other people might like.

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