Mom, Dad, stop reading now.


Photo: GQ


I’ve been in an underwear rut for a long time, y’all. My drawer is full of ugly drawers! I didn’t really think too much about it until I was thrust into the fantasy world that is Blair Waldorf’s closet. For those who don’t know, I’m a major Gossip Girl fan– really I just love bad TV in general, but Upper Eastside’s Princess Blair Waldorf’s personal style is regal and polished right down to her knickers. She’s got an incredible collection of corsetry and garters for any occasion. While an entire wardrobe of La Perla and Agent Provacateur is a bit unrealistic for the average shopper, having a few high quality beautiful pieces for support and sexiness is a must for any women with an agenda. Even if you have no intention of showing off your undergarments, the thrill of wearing them gives a subtle boost to your confidence– which we all know is sexier than anything you could ever wear.


Here are my suggestions for the must-list of lingerie and my tips for best fit:


1.) Panties

Basic black and white in the style of your choice is obvious, but if you’re like me, you’re drawn to pretty embellishments.  Buy a sexy microfiber pair of hipsters for tight garments to reduce panty lines. The truth is- ruffles, crystals and pearls are beautiful but are noticeable under body conscious clothing. Save the embellished items for more loose fitting dresses. After all, what’s sexier than a ruffled surprise under a prim and proper dress?


2.) Bras

Few things are as personally individualized as buying a bra, but having a sexy lace brassiere  that fits well, supports you and makes you feeeeeeeel good is priceless. Go get fitted and don’t be afraid to splurge. I know some women who pay prime money for a good boobie-bolster. Bras are not the thing to skimp on! Go!


3.) Garter belt

Few things really are on par with the sexiness of a garter belt. Period. However, we know why women stopped wearing them– they can be quite uncomfortable. I read in Vogue once that Christina Hendricks said that she and her female costars on Mad Men get blisters where their garters and stockings rub. I wouldn’t recommend assimilating the garter belt and stockings as an every day thang– but for a night on the town– why the HELL not!

4.) Corsets

Every woman dreams of a pretty corset in her closet, but they are both a financial commitment if you want a good one and a pain in the ribcage.  However, I still prefer them to my Spanx as far as their allure goes. Pair a corset with a ruffled boy short for a playful look under a classic silhouette for a June Cleaver fantasy night.


Like I said, you don’t need one of each for every day of the week, but buy one of each of my items to mix and match and things will stay surprising for a while.