Looking good can be hard work, especially when you’ve got a lot going on, work is stressing you out, and your WAHM schedule is a little crazy. Many people will tell you not to bother, to forget how you look and just focus on ways to get through a tough time. But, while this can be an excellent idea for some people, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with letting yourself go if you are tired and it helps you to get through, it’s not right for all of us. Many of us feel better when we look good. We feel more confident when we dress powerfully and taking care of ourselves helps us to relax and unwind. 

work is stressing you out

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But that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to make some changes. You might want to simplify your routines to save time or change what you wear for more comfort. Here are some tips for looking your best, when you are working harder than ever. 

Find New Routines to Save Time

If your skincare routine takes hours, it’s time to cut back. Take some steps out, and only do the essentials. The same goes for makeup. It won’t hurt if you skip the primer for a few days. New routines at work, like syncing your mail can save you time as well with an easy tutorial like this one here: https://setapp.com/how-to/set-up-icloud-mail-on-your-mac

Choose a Power Outfit When You Need it

On those days when you need a boost, choose a power outfit. Keep something in your wardrobe that makes you feel strong, confident and like you can take on the world. This might be a power dress; killer heels or even underwear that makes you feel amazing. 

Get More Sleep

Getting more sleep will help you to look better, feel better and cope with your stress more effectively. When work is stressing you out, one of the best things that you can do is get some rest. When you get in, throw your power outfit in the laundry, run a bath with lavender oils, read a book and get an early night. 

Add a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

If you are stressed out because you’ve got a lot going on and you are running around all day, you need a comfortable pair of shoes. These might not be the shoes that you love the most, but later in the day, you’ll be grateful that you can still stand tall and you’ll certainly look better than you could wincing from the blisters. 

Drink More Water

Like sleep, drinking more water will help you to look and feel better. Carry a bottle and sip throughout the day. This is not the only healthy habit to begin if you want to improve your physical and mental health at work; learn tipp skills that give you a stress outlet any time you need it.

Add One Bold Thing

You might not have time to plan outfits when you are rushed, but, adding one bold thing, whether it’s shoes, a blouse, a bag or even a sweep of scarlet lipstick can make a great impression and boost your mood. 

Knowing that you look good can boost your confidence, improve your mood, and even help you to get taken seriously. Looking good while you are stressed out and working hard can help you to get through a tough time and make you smile. But, if putting pressure on your looks is making things worse, stop, put some sweats on, take your makeup off and chill out.

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