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As part of your overall awareness and marketing campaign, you should look for modern ways to distribute your brand. However, today’s customers, especially the younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) are somewhat different. So here are some tips to get you started.

Business Cards, Of Course

Business cards are an older way to get people to notice your business. But it reflects your company’s brand by giving people important contact information like their name, email address, and phone number. But, and this is more important, a business card often marks the first time someone sees how your business looks as a whole. Business card stickers, business cards made of metal, and digital business cards are all modern alternatives to an old piece of card.

Offer Up Some Merch

Customizing and selling things is a big business these days. And for a good reason. The younger generations are more likely to engage with you if they think you understand them and their values. For example, you can appeal to younger people interested in significant topics such as sustainability with custom reusable tote bags. Other popular items include office supplies like pens, USB sticks, and cases. All of these should be made in sustainable ways.

Modern Ways to Distribute Your Brand Includes QR

Younger people are very likely to engage with visual content, which they generally access on their smartphones or tablet. A common way to direct users to your brand or product is with QR codes. By scanning a QR code, you can drive customers to your website, such as notification signup pages. Companies often send new customers to pages where they can sign up by using QR codes. These can be for mailing lists, subscriptions, or limited-time promotions.

Hire an SEO Team for Web Search

You will miss out on business opportunities if no one can find you online. This happens both in real life and on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental step to making sure that people can find you. First, you must put your business on Google My Business and provide all details to show up in Google searches. Further, hire a digital marketing agency that offers SEO content to ensure you get unpaid traffic from people searching related topics.

Develop a Custom App

You can hire an app developer to increase sales and promotions. Mobile applications are widespread these days, and 20% of people spend more than 4 hours per day with their screens. But you can also improve business by making a custom app related to your service. For example, as a garage, you could also use an app to take bookings. You can also offer extra features with an app, such as ordering new parts or booking a callout visit from your staff. 


There are many modern ways to distribute your brand offline and online, social media notwithstanding. Going digital and embracing certain new methods are your best bet. These include alternative business cards, QR code offers, and developing your very own app.

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