In the past, the most common way to communicate with people was to call them on the phone. Friends and family members would randomly call to have a little conversation, and couples would talk for hours on end on the phone, hogging the landline and annoying other family members. Eventually, we got mobile phones which made it easier for us to have private conversations with our friends and family members. That quickly evolved into instant messaging and we eventually came to the modern day.

Most people forgot about phone calls because of the limitations they had. Phone calls across the world would be extremely expensive. Call quality was questionable and you had to limit yourself to talking to a single person. These days, group chats and instant messaging are much more convenient, and leaving voice clips is a lot simpler than having a long call with someone.

But the humble phone call may be making a comeback, and here’s why.

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Phone calls are a lot more intimate

These days, phone calls have found a niche as being a lot more intimate than sending voice clips, instant messaging, or even video calling. Phone calls have always held a special place for couples and it harkens back to a much simpler and more innocent time.

One of the main problems with phone calls is that people often find it difficult to think of phone topics to chat about. However, when it comes to couples and being intimate with your partner, it’s a lot easier to let the conversation flow naturally. Making a phone call also dedicates you to talking with just a single person instead of trying to manage multiple conversations at once. It’s a nice little gesture that shows all your attention is being put towards a single person.

Phone calls are more professional

Phone calls are also much more professional than instant messaging. In fact, they tend to get the message across much quicker than emails which might be missed, or your recipient might be slow to reply. Phone calls are used in all sorts of business applications and they’re the de-facto method of communication for some companies.

However, it’s always important to state your intent before calling as the person on the other side might be busy or unable to commit to a long conversation. For example, you could send a message via email stating your intention to call at a certain time, wait for a response, then commit to the call.

Phone calls offer a more human touch to conversation

Modern technology allows us to invite multiple people into a group voice chat using apps. This gives online communication a much more human touch and it can be a lot more fun than just a busy group chat where messages are constantly being sent alongside images and pictures.

In fact, popular messaging apps such as Discord allow people to voice chat or video chat depending on their preferences, and they can also send photos, web links, and other content int the group chat while they’re conversing.

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