There is no better time of the year than right now to make your home cozy and comfortable. As the summer sunshine beams down, your home is going to get a blast of fresh, beautiful sunshine and the inside of your home should be packed with creature comforts. You should be able to come home from work, sink into the sofa and feel as if your whole world is comfortable and happy – and that starts with your home.


From finding a custom window replacement near me to ensuring that you upgrade your carpets to the thickest variety there is, you should be able to make your home a cozy place. It’s your nest, your palace, your castle of comfort – and yet you have no idea how to start. Below, though, we’ve put together seven ways that you can make your home the place you want to be and these upgrades are practical and wonderful!

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Make sure that you have a range of cushions. Comfort and coziness come from things that are soft. Cushions are the best example of this and you can buy them for any area of the home and in a range of sizes. There are body pillows and large square pillows, bed pillows and throw pillows. They don’t just belong on the bed, but in your living room, your study and if you want to, a giant one in the hallway wouldn’t go amiss!
  2. Bring some of the outside, in. A great way to make your home feel fresh and cozy is with some nature. You can add fresh flowers and larger plants around the home to make the whole space feel like somewhere you can breathe easy. Plants also add to a cozy atmosphere, and you can think about where you place the plants so that you can smile when you look at them.
  3. Upgrade your windows. We talked about custom window replacement and that’s largely because windows in your home are going to keep you warm if you get the right ones. While we’re discussing windows, however, you should think about the window treatments your home has. The curtains and blinds can make a huge difference to how warm and comfortable your home feels. Thicker curtains can help you to keep the heat in and thicker windows make sure that you keep the cold out! You’re also going to make your home much more energy efficient as a result and everyone wants to give back to the environment, right?
  4. Choose warmer colors. While we’re discussing furnishings and carpets, etc, make sure that you choose colors that amplify warmth and embody comfort. So, choosing warmer colors rather than stark whites everywhere will really embrace the heat in the home. When you want to upgrade your space but you want to keep it neutral, choose splashes of color for warmth – reds and oranges can really warm up the space.
  5. Choose soft lighting. Harsh white light bulbs will make the place brighter, but the warmer the bulb, the warmer the house. Choose dimmer switches and yellow tint lights for the home, and make a point of lighting candles, too. 
  6. Invest in rugs. A house is warmer when there are warm flooring options. Carpets and rugs help to warm up the flooring and rugs are a surefire way to make your house comfortable. You can also layer rugs on top of carpet as a wonderful way to keep the heat right in! You can use rugs in high traffic areas and they can keep your home from wearing out too fast, to. You can also bet that a rug will make you feel toasty, too!
  7. Add pictures and artwork. Occupying the blank spaces on the walls is important. Big pieces of colorful artwork will  help you to add vibrancy into the house and you will make it feel like it’s full of life. You need to ensure that you feel comfortable in your home life. Artwork can give you amazing joy and comfort and if you’re not a fan of art, you can bet that family photos will do the job for you! You can transform a cold and empty space into something warmer and cozier than you’ve ever had before. 


You should be able to embrace comfort in your home and with the seven tips above, you can bet you’ll come home at the end of the day and love every second of being in your space. Your home is your castle – and now you can treat it like one!


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