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Though I am not a single mom, we have team members here at Haute in Texas who are and it never ceases to amaze me how they are able to thrive in challenging circumstances. Unsurprisingly, one of the major challenges single moms face in their journey into parenthood is lack of support, just behind emotional toll and financial pressure. After all, it can be hard to maintain friendships, find people who can align with your experience, and gain guidance and support. 

But you know what the proverb says – “it takes a village to raise a child”! Fortunately, you can build your own “village” and strengthen your support network so as to access the safety net, guidance, and help you need to live a happy, balanced, and rewarding life as a parent. 

Here are some strategies to try today. 

Check Out Digital Meetups

According to statistics, in 2022, there were around 15.04 million single moms in the US alone. This means that despite the fact that you may feel alone in your experience, you certainly are not! So, how can you connect with other single mothers out there? Luckily, technology can come in useful! Digital meetups, online chats, and virtual coffee chats are an excellent way to keep in touch with others, ask questions, and share your experience. Plus, you can take part in these initiatives from anywhere, at any time!

Explore Local Mom Groups

Every city, town, or community has its own group of mums and parents ready to lend a hand and provide support to new parents – it’s all a matter of finding your people! How do you get started? A great way to do so is to build a network starting from your connections at your kid’s school or nursery. You may even be able to find new friendships at your local gym or Pilates or yoga class. 

Don’t forget to use sure-fire options such as local Facebook groups – especially those that advertise meet-ups and events – and, of course, word of mouth!

Rely On Specialized Associations

Specialized associations such as Single Mom Ministry Group can help you connect with other people living your same experience, but they can also do much more to improve your mental, physical, legal, and financial wellness!

Taking parts in these groups can:

  • Help you connect with lawyers and legal teams that specialize in protecting the rights of single mums
  • Find the support of healthcare providers to look after your baby’s health, as well as your own wellbeing. 
  • Seek assistance and professional help with common challenges single mums face 

Take Part in Community Activities and Initiatives 

Whether you live in a sprawling city or small town, there are endless initiatives and activities around you that can help you connect with others and improve how you cope with parenting. The only thing you’ll need to do is join the right association and volunteer your time to take part in these initiatives! Whether they are local fairs, charitable activities, or community events, taking part in these initiatives may feel like a time commitment at first – but the payback can be far more significant!

Plan Your Own Gatherings

If you have not been so lucky with finding other mothers to connect with, take a more active approach! Start planning local meet-ups and advertise them through your local school or even Facebook page – who knows, you may even be helping hundreds of single moms out there looking for the exact same thing as you!

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