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The first time I ever encountered drinkable yogurt, we were living in Xalapa, Veracruz and I purchased them on accident. I honestly thought something was wrong with my yogurt, as thin as it was with a consistency I had never seen before. It wasn’t until I asked a friend of mine that they said, “No, it’s fine! Just drink it up!” And so my love affair with LALA yogurt smoothies began. Now years later, I was so excited to discover they’re at my local Texas HEB even! Drinkable yogurt for everyone!


And by everyone, I definitely mean my picky eaters at home. I wouldn’t say Cora and Issa are horrible eaters, but they can definitely be persnickety. Issa less so because she’s not at the age where she even realizes what looks “gross” or “weird” yet, but Cora could survive on Nutella and bread if she had to. I’m lucky that she will at least try everything on her plate no matter what, but it’s tough getting her to eat a solid amount of food every day. That’s where LALA yogurt smoothies come in for me. They’re easy to grab and go, drink in the car, or take to a basketball game. There’s 5G of protein in every bottle, and real fruit so we know we’re getting a decent nutritional bang for our buck. We definitely prefer the Strawberry flavor, but we’ve also tried the versions with whole grains mixed in and they’re delicious as well!

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I also love that Issa can handle these bottles on her own without making too big of a mess. We’ll take them along with some flavored puffs if we’re headed to a basketball game and she’s totally content to sip on that and crunch on cereal. I can’t say that about every option in the baby food aisle. And if she happens to have a little spill, you can obviously see Frenchie is more than willing to clean that up at home. Ha! Even pups like LALA! 😉

It’s funny to me how many people are still surprised when I tell them Cora or Issa’s sippy cups have yogurt in them. They don’t picture yogurt smoothies that are thin enough to drink, but once they try them they can’t help but admit it’s a great taste and great way to get protein, vitamins, and minerals into your kid’s diet. If it tastes great you know they’ll gobble it up, but what’s more important to me is it’s not simply a watered down juice or simply water. It’s got a little extra kick for my picky eaters, and now that LALA is at HEB, we’re buying in bulk! Try some for your family the next time you need nutrition on the go, and you’ll know these yogurt smoothies are drinkable and delicious!




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