life of the party
[Me(Left), Carolena(Right)]

Dear HIT Readers: The following is a poignant and heartfelt blog post written by our HITster, Account Assistant Sarah Larkin. We hope you’ll feel the tender heart behind her words, and we applaud her for being so vulnerable in her very first blog post for Haute in Texas. Sending you love and light, Sarah. Thank you for sharing your story about The Life of the Party.

Carolena was a sparkling 20-year-old, who I was blessed to call my cousin. As difficult as it has been, I have been preparing a slideshow to commemorate her, and all of the pictures and videos I have gone through have shown me her story.

From a young age, she always had a microphone in her hand. She would jump around singing until she’d bump into something and fall, but she was always right back up on her feet. Her enthusiasm and charisma was contagious, and she loved to spread laughter. She had the best laugh. When she was 5, she joined her first cheer squad, and from there she was unstoppable. Not only did she enjoy cheer, but she also played tee ball and soccer.

Nevertheless, cheer was her passion, and she continued cheering and developing her skills all the way to graduation. Every time she stepped on the mat, all eyes were on her and her contagious smile. She was a social butterfly, never afraid to make new friends, and everyone she met loved her.

Carolena was one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. She loved to try new things, like dying her hair every color possible and painting fun designs. She was also an extremely talented make-up artist and aspired to go to cosmetology school to pursue a career in what she loved. Not to mention, she would upcycle clothes to make outfits, and she could work any outfit out there. She was extremely talented in so many ways and never failed to try new things.

After she graduated, she became a San Antonio Spurs Hype Team cheerleader and performed for all to see. That was one of her favorite experiences, and she had no fear, no regrets and absolutely loved life. Eventually, Carolena met Julian, and they changed each other’s worlds and fell in love. Always positive and always happy, filled to the brim with love to share with the world. She lived everyday like her last.

I am so incredibly thankful to be able to call you my cousin Carolena. You left us so soon, but your life and impact will remain with us all who love you forever. Even through the sadness, you have brought us all together and you will keep us together. Times like these remind us that we all live on borrowed time, life is unpredictable and it’s incredibly important that we tell the ones we love just how much we love them. Keep in contact even through the busy days and spread love, always.

I miss you Carolena.

BY: Sarah Larkin