People interested in gaining more attention on their parenting blog have a few reasons for doing so. They may want to;

  • Increase their viewership to monetize their parenting blog and create a side income.
  • To share their experience as a parent and help others. 
  • Build a supportive network for parents, and make new friends. 
  • Or to use it as an extension to a parenting product or service they provide to increase engagement around their business. 

To help you connect with parents and meet your intended goals for your blog, here are a few tips you may want to try.

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Where Do You Excel?

Parents have a way of taking their parenting skills for granted and expecting that every other parent probably knows what they do already. When sometimes the opposite is true. 

If you know about a parenting subject, you likely have valuable insight and experience that readers on your parenting blog would love to learn more about. 

It could be advice for new moms on how to breastfeed. Or perhaps you have extensive knowledge about the Baby Food Industry you might want to share. That may be useful for moms wanting to find the best nutritious food for their baby or help moms start their own baby food business. 

People are always on the look-out for authentic, valuable, helpful content. Begin ticking this box, and you’ll improve your chances of being seen on Google for relevant keywords related to your content. You’ll receive more click-throughs to your post when you spread the link on social media. And you’ll increase engagement on your blog.

Find Your Voice

The voice on your blog includes the tone you use, moreover, the language, grammar, and so forth. It helps people to identify you and will make your blog more relatable and easy for readers to understand.

Whether you have a knack for adding humor to your articles or perhaps like to share anecdotes. The best and only way to find your writing voice is by practising and reading more. In turn, you’ll relate better with your audience; they’ll hang on your every word and keep coming back for your familiar voice.

Take Your Own Photos

Think about moving away from stock images and towards creating unique pictures for your blog. In doing so, you’ll add uniqueness and life to your website, which will work to engage readers to stay and peruse your site. 

You don’t need to be a professional photographer either to take great pictures. To give your photos finishing touches that will remain in keeping with your blog’s theme. Mobile phones today are equipped with a broad range of applications and photo editing features. 

If it’s your first time taking photos for your blog, make time to practice, and have fun with it as you do! There’s no wrong way to take a picture for your blog; only you can decide what fits.

Parenting blogs for many are havens for support and advice. Whether providing mom hacks to help parents through a busy day. Or encouragement for parents to love their postpartum bodies with a passion. Whatever the intentions of your parenting blog may be, and whether you meet your intended goals or not. If your blog helps another parent in some way, you’ve made a difference to be proud of already.

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