My family is constantly growing, with the birth of my new niece and my pregnant sister I thought it would be fun to think of family costume ideas, especially when Halloween is just around the corner. I decided to investigate fun, easy-to-do, chic and creative costumes, both for adult and children.

From the Toys Story characters to The Minions, the Internet was full of numerous ideas. Who said carving a pumpkin was the only thing someone could do on Halloween? When you can actually create your own unique and one of a kind costume. With this being said, I decided to go with costumes you can “Do it yourself,” in this case with your whole family.

Here are my top 5 Family Costume Ideas:

  1. Family Lego:

For the numerous and creative family dress up as Legos. Simply use some old boxes, create holes for hand, spray paint the color of choice, and just add solo cups to create the iconic look!


  1. Emoji Family:

For the modern-tech family be an emoji for Halloween. Just cut circular cardboard, two for each person. Whole punch on both sides to add strings, and connect them both. Simple paint, choose your emoji and hang around your neck. Be the cutest emoji there is!


  1. 101 Dalmations

Hand down, this is my favorite Halloween costume ever! Cute spotted puppies, what is cutter than that?! Just add spots to white jeans or leggings, draw a cute little puppy nose and you’re a Dalmatian.


  1. Starbucks Frappuccino + Barista

For the Coffee lovers, here is the perfect Halloween costume idea. Simply find a nude dress or use a piece of cardboard to create the iconic color of a Frappuccino. Then, add white bath scrub to create the whipped cream. For the barista, just wear black clothes and add green apron. P.S a Frappuccino on the side may be included to enjoy! Cute, fun and yummy for all.


  1. Circus Family

Easy to put together and let your imagination let you drive wild. Weather it’s a bearded lady or the strongest boy in the world, this Halloween costume idea is the cutest of them all. To recreate the heavy weights, just use balloons and an old broomstick.



Hope you enjoyed these Halloween Costume ideas! If you do decide to go try one of these, hope you share it with us! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!






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