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A huge part of being a kid and growing up is playing, and can benefit their future. Playing provides children with excellent opportunities to use their creativity, develop their imagination, and build their physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills. Whether your children like to play outside in the garden, participate in sports, or play with toys, the type of clothes they are wearing can make a difference. When children play, they typically let their imagination run wild, and as a result, need to be comfortable to move around freely, which may differ from their usual attire. The type of clothes they wear may also impact their imagination, as the more comfortable they are, the more confident they will play. Here are some top tips for dressing your children comfortably for play. 


#1 Clothes that are easy to wash 

Depending on the activities that your children like to get involved in, it is likely that they are going to need washing very often. Whether they are sitting at the table doing arts and crafts, running around outside playing a sport, or generally getting messy with activities, washable clothes can make it much easier and stress-free. If you can separate some easy to wash clothes aside for playtime, your children can play without worries, and so can you. You want to be able to throw the clothes into the wash after your children have finished playing, and not worry about any complicated washing instructions, or worry about trying to get stains out. You can then save nicer clothes for general day-to-day activities or special occasions. 


#2 Clothes that give children the freedom to move 

Make sure the clothes that your children wear to play games in are easy to move around in and are not restricting them at all. You can check this by testing if the clothes pass the bend-and-twist test when your children are trying on the clothes before you purchase them. Playing should be stress-free, for both you and your children. When looking for clothes, make sure your children are comfortable while moving around in different ways, such as running, sitting down, hopping around, going down a slide, riding a bike, or any other activity they typically participate in. Check they are not restricted or the clothing sits too tight and doesn’t ride up when they are playing and expose their skin. The last thing you want is for your children’s skin to be unprotected, especially if they are out in the sun, or playing in parks and going down slides. It is also important to make sure their clothing is not too baggy, as it could pose a risk and get caught, be distracting, or generally frustrating. Clothing that is breathable, stretchy and soft is a great place to start for your children’s playtime. You may even wish to have custom clothing from that is comfortable and full of patterns, to help make playtime an even better experience for your children. 


#3 Clothes that are easy to get on and off

Life with children can be unpredictable, which is why clothes that go on and off easily are key. Whether your children are potty training, playing dress-up, or participating in outdoor activities and are likely to get dirty, there may be occasions where these clothes will come in handy. Look for clothes that have elasticated weight bands, large neck holes, and easy clip buttons. Avoid clothes that are too tight, or have complicated fasteners. Don’t get rid of this kind of clothes completely though, as they are great for strengthening children’s motor skills. Save them for a day without play. 


#4 Be willing to learn 

Just because you might think something is comfortable for your children to play in, doesn’t necessarily mean they think it is comfortable. Get feedback from your children and how they feel about the clothes they are wearing, and how it affects their playing. You could start by laying out a couple of options for your children to choose the most comfortable piece of clothing for them for the day. This is a great way to help them be more responsible, but also ensure they can play comfortably and with no limits. 


Playing is a vital role in your children’s development, and something as simple as clothing can make a huge difference to their experience. Try to supply your children with separate clothes to play in that are comfortable, easy to wash, provide them with the freedom to move around in, and can get on easily. 


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