Though a white lace dress, diamond ring, and a long veil were once the standard for wedding wardrobe, brides are now taking more creative liberties with their wedding day look. However, straying from tradition without losing the wedding vibe can be a difficult line to walk. If you’d like to step out of the box on your wedding day but aren’t sure how to do it, consider these five unique ways to change up your wedding wardrobe.  

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

Ditch the heels

Many brides are coming to the realization that heels are overrated. If you’re the kind of girl who loves her heels and wears them regularly, then you may wish to wear them on your wedding day too. For the rest of the brides out there, alternative footwear may be the answer. 

To keep your wedding classy, opt for footwear that fits the theme. Cowboy boots look great at a barn wedding (check out this guide to buying cowboy boots) while sandals are suitable for an outdoor beach wedding. If your wedding is more formal, look for an elevated pair of satin flats. 


Skip the classic diamond

If you are one of those brides that doesn’t like the big sparkly rings on their finger, then how about an understated, yet classic ring? You and your other half can head to moissanite jewelers to take a look at what they have on offer. There are many reasons why you wouldn’t want a huge rock on your finger, one of the common ones is fear of losing it.

With the ethical issues around diamond mining, finding a conflict-free ring can be a bit of a hassle. While many people believe a diamond is a non-negotiable traditional element of a wedding ring, diamonds have only been popular since the 1940s. Before this, colored gemstones were often included in engagement and wedding bands. To save a little money and find something truly unique, browse a vintage jewelry store for something that speaks to you. 

If you’re still set on that sparkly gemstone, claddagh ring diamond rings are a more eccentric option. For a more rustic look, raw diamonds are also an impressive alternative. 


Replace the veil

There’s something undoubtedly ethereal about veils, but they can also detract from the rest of your look by taking up too much attention. For something more understated, go for something that adds to your look without being too gaudy. 

For bohemian weddings, a flower crown is a perfect choice. Other options include pins and clips, beaded headpieces, braided flowers, and of course, the classic princess tiara. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your theme and it won’t stick out. Or, skip the bridal hair accessories altogether! 

Opt for a dried bouquet

Flowers are often seen as that wedding element that is costly but necessary. Rather than shelling out a big portion of your budget for brightly colored fresh tropical flowers, consider a simple bouquet of dried flowers, foliage, and branches. 

Wheat and pinecones are lovely for rustic weddings, while a cluster of baby’s breath and lavender make a statement for a more romantic wedding. The bonus part is that you can keep your bouquet preserved for years to come. 

Choose an off-white dress

Some brides try to break away from tradition by abandoning the white dress in favor of another color. The challenge with dresses that aren’t white is that they tend to look closer to prom dresses and take away from the wedding experience. 

Fortunately, a happy medium between these two choices exists. Champagne and blush-toned dresses add a little color without breaking away from tradition entirely. 

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