After a few unavoidable delays and a stolen van, yes really, our headboard is finally home! If you remember back a few months ago, I shared that Urban Tree Company was making a brand-new headboard for me that would be created from a giant root ball. It was all set to be my Christmas present for Orlando, but we had a few challenges come our way. Culminating with Urban Tree Company having their van stolen off their property with all their handmade creations, so our headboard understandably was pushed down the priority list as they rebuilt their entire supply of cutting boards, utensils, custom furniture, and more. If you want to help them rebound, by the way, you should absolutely check out their Shop online here.

When the day of the install finally arrived, Scott and Jenni brought a 3-man crew with them to help guide the piece into our house, and then carefully measured out where to place the metal bracket on our wall so it would align with our studs and support the weight of the headboard. Believe it or not, she literally weighs 1/2 a ton, so they also had the foresight to add metal support legs to the base, taking additional stress off the wall and giving me peace of mind. They also warned us that this will not be a piece of furniture you can move about on a whim. We will barely be able to move it if/when we ever sell this house, much less if we just want to mix up our layout.

When the crew was ready to lift the headboard into place, we all held our breath until she was locked, lifted, and looking gorgeous. Once all the other furniture was back in place and the bed made, the photo shoot began. LOL. It was so fun to see the woodworkers appreciating the headboard just for the sheer artistry of it, and I can’t tell you how much we love it. It’s super different, uniquely ours, and gives such a natural vibrance to the room. Our bed also doesn’t feel like a college kid’s dorm room anymore, and I love that it’s a centerpiece of conversation when we have visitors.

Jenni Urbancyzk of Urban Tree Company

I really can’t tell you how highly I think of Jenni and her team, their effort to bring this vision to life, despite all the curveballs thrown their way, was tremendous and it meant the world to us that they never lost their positive attitude. If you have a dream for a custom piece of furniture, a personalized gift for someone you love, or just a crazy tree problem you don’t know what to do with, Scott and Jenni are THE experts in South Texas. I’ll be sleeping soundly knowing that my headboard is unlike ANYTHING else out there, and a one-of-a-kind piece of art we will be able to enjoy for generations to come.



P.S. This post is a collaboration with Urban Tree Company. Don’t worry though, all opinions are my own!


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