Though we’re in a time of worldwide uncertainty, taking a trip might be the remedy we’re all looking for. Flights are still being booked for 2021  and beyond meaning that having that thing to look forward to may not be off the cards just yet. If you’re looking to travel to a great destination that offers everything you need from a city vacation filled with rich culture, good food and plenty to see, Singapore deserves a spot on your travel bucket list. This small country island boasts a fusion of modern and historic architecture with scenic landscapes, delicious food, stunning waterscapes and plenty of things to do and see- it is the perfect vacation spot.

If Singapore has not been on your radar as a worthwhile travel destination, here are just some of the reasons that Singapore should be on your travel bucket list for 2021 and beyond. 


Photo by Kin Pastor from Pexels

Hybrid Cuisine, Bars and Coffee Shops 

Singapore is known for its hybrid cuisine. With offerings of popular Indian dishes, authentic tasting Japanese and Chinese dishes, or plenty of other choices, you are able to get delicious authentic tasting food to suit most tastes and pallets. 

It’s great bars and nightlife means that you get to enjoy the party after a great day exploring all that Singapore has to offer. The rooftop bars which overlook cityscapes and impressive skyscrapers give you the best possible views out there. 

Need a caffeine hit? Coffee shops throughout the main city are popular spaces for tourists and locals to unwind and refuel before another days exploration. 

Their Beautiful Gardens 

Singapore is home to many beautiful gardens filled with interesting structures, such as Gardens by the bay with Supertree Grove and impressive 18 metal trees covered in foliage with bridges between them offering birds eye views of the gardens. The Botanic Gardens are a part of the oldest parks in Singapore– home to around 10,000 species of plants! 

Finding a Place to Stay 

Singapore is famously one of Asia’s most expensive places to live and visit. Finding a place to stay reflects this somewhat.
Whether you’re looking to visit, or make a longer-term move over to Singapore and all it has to offer, there are many options for you to find a place to lay your head after a long day.

To live there, Singapore is part of a Rental Flat HDB scheme which means that if you fit within a certain eligibility criteria, you can get onto the property ladder in one of the richest countries in Asia- not bad going.

However, if a trip is what you’re after for now, there are a huge range of beautiful hotels- from big 5* luxury getaways to more intimate, romantic boutique hotels. There’s really something for everyone. 

Getting Around

One of the best ways of getting around the main city of Singapore is by using the MRT Subway System. A Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) is a special pass that allows unlimited subway travel from between 1-3 days and can be picked up at TransitLink Ticket Offices as well as most MRT stations. Between this wide network of stops throughout the city, Singapore is pretty walkable, so you may not have to rely on this method of transport too much.

MRT also has several bus routes that can take you just about anywhere on the island, too. If you want a tour of the Island but want to be able to get up and explore when you want to, you can take one of the popular Hop-On, Hop-Off Sightseeing tour buses that enable you to explore at your leisure while giving you the opportunity to rest your feet along the way. 


For the more physically minded, there is a huge range of rental bikes and scooters available for hire. Check your App Store for various apps  that are available to download to your smartphone-scan- unlock and then ride. Simply drop off your bike or scooter at a designated stop and then you’re all good to go.  Group bike tours are also a popular choice for tourists. 

Singapore is a popular layover spot for people traveling further across the world to countries such as Australia, but as you can see, it is a place that has much to offer in the way of culture, history, and diversity. Maybe it’s time to think beyond the airport when it comes to spending time in new and exciting places to visit? Visit Singapore! 


Have you been to Singapore? What were your impressions?

P.S. This post is a partner collaboration.