winter pregnancy outfits

29 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss? I forgot to check this week.  Probably a blessing in disguise.
Maternity clothes? YES. Tried on a pair of pants yesterday that I thought would still work and NOPE.  Not even with the hairtie to form an extension between the button and the hole, they still weren’t gonna fly.  Sigh.  Hey, that rhymed. 🙂
Stretch marks? Still none.  I am in shock.
Sleep? Pretty good, although I went to an event at Saks yesterday (hence where the photos for today’s post came from), and the YSL counter woman doing my makeover (the end result of which you can also see in these photos) said I had dark circles.  When I mentioned the toddler and pregnancy thing, she just smiled an understanding smile.  Yeah, I’m tired.
Best moment this week: As I mentioned up above, I attended the Brushes With Greatness event Saks in North Star Mall yesterday and I was so excited to get a little pampering in.  All the makeup professionals in that store are so stinking nice, and EXPERIENCED.  One woman who gave me a facial had been an aesthetician for 29 years! How often do you get to bask in that amount of knowledge for your skin?   I also picked up a new lip color in this Marsala (2015 Pantone Color of the Year if you haven’t heard) shade that I’m obsessed with.  Get ready to see it on me for the rest of winter, if not longer.
winter pregnancy outfits
Movement? Oh my goodness, I was laying down at some point this week and I started to see the full blown belly movement as if baby girl was doing aerial acrobatics in there.  Cora just happened to be nearby so I had her put her hand on my stomach and I’m not sure she even thought it was real.
Food cravings?  Still haven’t gotten that steak I was talking about last week, but this week I’ve moved on to craving cookies.  Which is helpful since we’re hosting a Christmas cookie decorating party on Sunday.  SO EXCITED.
Gender?  GIRL! :)
Labor Signs? Nil.
Belly Button in or out? Innie, just stretchedddddddd.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
What I miss? Being able to walk in heels and not roll my ankle every five seconds.  I heard once that your ligaments are looser during pregnancy because your body is preparing for labor.  That’s why you’re more prone to injuries, falls, and just general clumsiness.  Which in my case means I roll my ankle like it’s my job.  I almost hit the pavement in the Target parking lot one morning, but other than that only my pride has been hurt.
winter pregnancy outfits
What I am looking forward to? Christmas cookies.  And food.  Just food in general. 🙂
Weekly Wisdom? Unless there is a baby coming out of my va-jay-jay, please don’t tell me I look like I’m about to pop.  Or cheerfully ask, “Almost there, huh??”  NO, I AM STILL THREE MONTHS AWAY.  Even if I would two days away from my due date it would still feel forever away, so please don’t remind me that I’m not. even. close.
Milestones? I’ve started trying to think of ideas for Cora for a big sister present after her little sister arrives.  Anybody have some fantastic ideas that made the transition smoother for your eldest?  I’m totally willing to bribe her with a Barbie if it means she won’t hate me for making her share the spotlight.  Let me know!
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