Want to look fantastic as you work out? While not all of us have (nor necessarily want) the physique of an Instagram model, the right clothing and beauty regime can still do wonders. When you look good, you’re more likely to feel good about yourself. Here are just a few tips for eliminating that gym anxiety so that you feel confident as you exercise.

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Compliment your figure

With the right clothing, you can accentuate your best parts while hiding those parts you’re less happy with. If you’ve got curvy thighs but also are cursed with a muffin top, a pair of high waisted leggings could be just the piece of clothing to compliment your curves while hiding your stomach. If you’re slim and not very curvy, you’re better off showing off your midriff. There are shapewear brands that can hide unwanted bumps and lumps, as well as padded clothing that can add more volume in the right places – these types of clothing could also be worth looking into if you’re not happy with regular gym clothes.

Upgrade your sports bra

Choosing the right sports bra is important for preventing injuries – if you’re suffering any type of pain or discomfort, it could be time to upgrade to a new bra. The right sports bra can also improve your looks such as this stylish strappy bra. Some sports bras also have extra padding for those that want that extra oomph.  

Embrace colour and patterns

Neutral colours such as black have certain slimming properties, which can make them a popular choice. However, dressing in bright colours and vibrant patterns could help you to feel happier, while also looking a lot cheerier and more radiant. From neon colours to rainbow designs, there are now all kinds of funky gymwear designs to choose from. Bright colours and patterns work best when contrasted with neutrals (such as bright leggings and a black top).

Keep your hair up

You don’t want your hair to be getting in the way of your face as you exercise, nor do you want it to end up looking all sweaty and messy. Keeping your hair up as you work out is more practical and also more stylish. Try experimenting with different updos from buns to plat ponytails.

Use mineral makeup

Makeup is generally best avoided when exercising, but if you feel that you need that extra confidence boost, give mineral makeup a go. It won’t block your pores, preventing you from breaking out into spots after every workout. Opt for waterproof mascara that won’t run as you sweat, as well as subtle nude tones that keep you looking natural.

Wear the right accessories

There are lots of cool accessories that you can buy to help you look more stylish as you work out. These range from smartwatches to colourful headbands. If you’re dressing all in neutrals, you could use accessories to provide pops of colours. For instance, if you’ve got all black running gear, you could contrast this with a bright red or bright yellow cap.

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