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Health refers to a person’s mental and physical condition. It is a state where one is free from illness or any injuries. Chronic diseases are persistent or long-lasting human health diseases in their effects.

Chronic diseases require ongoing medical attention, or they can limit your daily activities. Many chronic diseases result from risky behaviours such as poor nutrition, excessive alcohol and lack of physical exercise.

Some major chronic diseases are heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. This blog post will discuss some effects of chronic diseases on your health.


Challenges in Physical Activity

Chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis(MS) can cause challenges in physical activities. In addition, these diseases can influence your ability to work. So, begging the question, does ms qualify for disability? As well as other chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases may force you to deal with some decrease in motion and other physical activities. For example, having a chronic illness like arthritis might affect your physical abilities like walking.


Financial Challenges

Chronic diseases can lead to financial challenges. Once you have any chronic illness, you will keep visiting the hospital for regular checkups. Regular visits to hospitals can be costly due to the bills. In addition, you also require transport money for you to make it to the hospital, which adds to the expenses.

Medicine can also be costly since you need a regular dosage. It can be more challenging when you do not have any medical cover, meaning you have to dig into your pocket to get any health practice. Financial challenges are grave to people with chronic illnesses since most of them may not be in a position to work.


Physical Appearance

Chronic diseases are also likely to interfere with your physical appearance, affecting self-awareness. Unfortunately, this challenge can turn a positive self-image into a bad image of yourself. In addition, this challenge can force you to detach from friends and family, not wanting to associate with anyone, and avoid social events.


Pain and Fatigue

When you have a disease, avoiding pain is close to impossible, which means that you are likely to go through a lot of pain when you have any chronic illness. In addition, fatigue and pain may become part of your day, which can be very exhausting.


Anxiety and Stress

Nobody would want to get ill, and that is why anyone having a chronic disease is likely to go through a lot of stress and anxiety. Once you have a chronic illness, you are likely not to have a lot of energy. So, you may take longer to do your work, even basic things like house chores. At this point, you might require to seek help from a spouse, home caregiver, family and friends.

Having to seek help to do basic things makes you feel helpless, which may cause a lot of stress and anxiety. You may even feel uncertain about the future. Such states can lead to depression for you and the people you stay with, especially spouses.

In conclusion, chronic diseases can be challenging to live with, and you only need to accept your condition. First, you should know it is normal, and anyone can get it. Then, work towards what your doctor has instructed you to do to get better.

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