Everyday Outfit Ideas To Stay Cool In the Summer



So you’ve (mostly) made it through the winter, and the first signs of springtime are showing. Typically, you’d focus on working on your wardrobe to ease into the changing temperatures and ensure you are stylish and comfortable. However, it’s also worth thinking further ahead to summer and getting some inspiration to stay cool in your everyday outfits, whether going to work, lounging around the house, or meeting friends. Here are some Everyday Outfit Ideas To Stay Cool In the Summer.

Love The Lightweight 

While you are wrapped up warm during the winter, summer offers something different. Lightweight garments are perfect for keeping you cool since you won’t feel suffocated by heavy fabrics that can cause you to sweat and overheat. You can find different ways to style your summer dress, such as wearing it with or without a belt, which can help promote better airflow and keep you cool, even if you spend all afternoon in the baking sun.

Free-Flowing Fashion 

Similarly, choosing free-flowing clothes is another great way to stay cool. Like lightweight garments, you aren’t so constrained so you can enjoy better ventilation and airflow. However, you can check out other options if you don’t want to wear summer dresses. These tunics by Johnny Was are a fantastic choice for the in-between style. You aren’t wearing a dress, but you also aren’t wearing a T-shirt that could become marred by sweat stains, especially during those mammoth summer shopping trips. To top it off, they look good and can bring a real boho feel to your everyday outfit. 

Adore Athletic 

If you don’t feel like dressing up just to run errands and maybe meet a friend for coffee later, you can’t go wrong with athletic wear. The days of baggy shirts and basketball shorts are long gone, and workout fashion has become a niche in its own right, with many women adopting the look for their day-to-day needs. 


And there’s a reason why it’s so perfect for summer outfits. Athletic wear keeps you cool as you work up a sweat and works whether you’re running on the treadmill or just wandering through town. The moisture-wicking and quick-drying technology is perfect for humid days, while breathable running shoes will give your feet a much-deserved break. 

What Not to Wear 

There are plenty of materials and outfits to add to your summer rotation, but there are also fabrics you must avoid to keep cool. 


Heavy materials like denim or leather won’t give you the cool, breezy experience you want, so wearing jeans isn’t ideal. This doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a denim or leather jacket, but maybe only later in the evenings if there’s a slight chill. 


Similarly, heavy boots like Timberlands aren’t going to do you any favors and your feet could overheat, which will make them uncomfortable and could increase the risk of foot fungus, which is the last thing you want if you’re planning to lounge on the beach in a few weeks. 

Summer Sun 

There’s a reason summer is most people’s favorite time of the year. Things feel easier and happier. You get to embrace the outdoors anytime you like. These outfit tips can help you stay cool and stylish to make this summer your best ever.

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