Shopping for the dream wedding gown is one of the most exciting aspects of planning for most brides-to-be. While finding the perfect dress may be top of the list of tasks to check off the to-do list, it’s important to pay attention to detail. The finishing touches can make all the difference when it comes to creating a spectacular wedding day look. In this guide, we’ll share some top tips to help you accessorize like a pro. 

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Choosing accessories that complement your gown

If you’ve chosen your gown, or you’ve bought a tailored suit or a jumpsuit for your wedding, the key to choosing the right accessories lies in buying pieces that will complement the rest of the look. If you’ve opted for a simple, understated ivory gown, for example, you might want to push the boat out and choose bold, statement-making jewelry or shoes. If you’ve got an ornate dress or skirt and top, you may want to opt for more subtle finishing touches. Consider the style of your outfit and look for items that will show it off in the best possible light. If you’ve got a high neck, for example, earrings or bracelets will work better than a chunky necklace. 


When you’re buying jewelry, it’s also important to think about pieces you may already be wearing on the day. If you’re shopping for wedding rings, or you want to wear earrings or a bracelet when you walk up the aisle, it’s beneficial to choose pieces that will match or tone with your engagement ring. If the band is yellow gold, for example, you might want to avoid silver or rose gold jewelry. Look online to find the best jewelry stores and try different pieces with your engagement ring and any other items you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. You’ll be able to see how different pieces work together to help you create the perfect, cohesive look. 


Celebrating your sense of style

When it comes to wedding day accessories, many people opt for classic, timeless pieces, but you don’t have to go down this path if it doesn’t suit your personality or style. Increasingly, couples are thinking outside the box when it comes to designing wedding outfits. If you want to wear bright red heels or sneakers instead of white or ivory shoes, or you’d rather wear a statement embellished collar than a simple, fine silver necklace, it’s your choice. You can use accessories to customize your outfit and celebrate your style. 


Putting everything together

The most important rule to follow when accessorizing your wedding day look is to make sure everything works together. Whether you’re going all-out with colorful shoes, distinctive jewelry and a show-stopping bag, or you’re keeping things simple, it’s hugely beneficial to try all your accessories on with your outfit before the big day. You may find that you want to add more or take elements away once you’re standing in front of the mirror.

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Many of us focus on finding the perfect dress when we start wedding planning, but the details can be equally important. If you’re looking for accessories, take these tips on board. Look for pieces that complement your gown or outfit and the jewelry you plan to wear, celebrate your sense of style and try everything on together before the big day.


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