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If you’re trying to create a more sustainable environment in your home then there are quite a few things that you can do to help make this dream a reality. 


Making your home as sustainable as possible is a great way for you to help preserve the planet for yourself and others. If you’re ready to make your home more sustainable but you don’t know where to start there are a few tips that can help you out.


Reduce Energy Usage

Reducing the amount of energy that you consume is one simple way of having a more sustainable home. 


The first thing you can do is to make sure that the appliances you are using in your home have an energy star on them. Having energy stars on them means that they are using minimal electricity to function properly.


Another thing you can do is install high-performance windows that reduce the use of energy during the winter and the summer. 


If you live in a warmer climate you can buy low solar gain windows or if you live in a colder climate you can make sure that you buy windows that are well insulated. Traditional electricity is produced in a way that is very damaging to the environment and the less of it you use the more you help the planet.


Consider Going Solar

Going solar is another way in which you can make your home more sustainable. Solar panels may have a large investment up front but they do pay off over time. 


Solar panels can last for decades and you will not have to do a lot of maintenance on them to keep them up and running. When you calculate all the savings you will need it is well worth the investment.


Install a Water Filter

When you install a Pentair Rocean water filter you will not have to drink as much bottled water as you did before. If you have been drinking bottled water to make sure that you are getting good quality water, once you install a water filter, you will help save the environment by using less plastic. 


Home water filters tend to be very affordable. They are certainly more affordable than buying bottled water every week or every month depending on how you stock it in your home. The bottom line is that a water filter may not seem like the biggest way to have a sustainable home but it is one of the most effective.


Get Sustainable

Getting your home sustainable is one of the best moves you can make. Helping to protect the environment is something that everyone on the planet should be concerned about. 


The fact that you have decided to take action is a step in the right direction. You do not have to do all the sustainable actions mentioned here at once, you can gradually incorporate them into your home to help save and protect the environment.


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