I’ve never been one for Resolutions, and I think the larger conversations across social media these days tend to have the same view: they are unrealistic and often go unfulfilled. And why are we so hard on ourselves? Instead of focusing on what we need to “fix” or change, perhaps it’s time for a reset of how we think about January’s season of renewal and refreshing our priorities. I’m always trying to be better about listening to my body and mind’s natural rhythms: leaning into moments of productivity, honoring seasons of rest and regrouping. It’s great to be striving towards epic achievements; it’s also great to give yourself grace. So with that in mind, here are some things I’m looking forward to in 2022, including a product lineup from a new-to-me company, Inno Supps!

Inno Sups Complete Gut Health Stack

1. Resetting my healthy lifestyle.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, like March 2020, it just didn’t feel like being skinny or eating healthy mattered. What was the frigging point? To that end, I’ve gained way too much weight and really despise how much I’ve let myself get comfortable in bad habits. I’m starting a 28-day challenge this month with my girl Hope of InBalance, and I’m committing to holding myself accountable with my bestie, Tori. We’re going to drink only water, make smarter choices with our diets, and commit to moving our bodies at least once per day. Doesn’t have to be extreme, doesn’t have to be punishing. Just being smart and treating our bodies well.

2. Resetting my gut.

Speaking of treating my body well, I was so excited when Inno Supps reached out to see if I wanted to try their Complete Gut Health Stack. It’s a full line up of supplements to help your gut, digestion, and immune system function better, and Lord knows after the indulgence of the holidays we all desperately need that. I’ve been trying the Inno Cleanse, Inno Gut Restore, and Inno Gut Protect over the last month or so and have definitely seen an improvement in my overall wellbeing. My routine is Gut Restore and Gut Protect in the morning before breakfast, then Inno Cleanse at nighttime. I was able to start right out with 3 capsules, but you can also ease into it if you don’t want to risk a major, er, “reset” in the middle of an all-staff meeting.

The best part with Inno Supps is their products are focused on the highest quality ingredients, which means no sucralose, artificial sweeteners, fillers, or harmful additives. It’s also the total package, with the three supplements providing a digestive aid (Cleanse), probiotics (Gut Restore), and postbiotics (Gut Protect). I noticed significantly reduced bloating, increased energy levels, and improved digestion in just my first 14-day cleanse. In 2022 I think Inno Supp’s produce line up will be essential to keeping my body functioning at optimal levels and resetting when I’ve gone off track.

3. Resetting my mind.

Though being self-disciplined with your body takes great effort, it’s significantly easier when your mind is also performing at peak levels. Lately I’ve taken to reading business or personal development books with my NAWBO Scale Up sisters, but I’ve also started listening to audio books while I’m on my morning walks with Frenchie. I could never get into audiobooks in the car, but it turns out that listening to them while I’m kicking off my morning with a brisk walk is not only an engaging way for me to pay attention, but it jumpstarts my entire day for productivity. Right now I’m listening to Good To Great by Jim Collins, and my only regret is I don’t have a pen and paper with me on my walks to jot down ALL the lightbulb moments that happen on every page. Next up I’m looking forward to Presence by Amy Cuddy. And this is your friendly reminder that if you live in San Antonio you can use your Library card to access the Libby app and have millions of books (kindle or audio!) at your disposal – for free! Check your local library for similar programs if you aren’t in the SA area.

4. Resetting my goals.

One of my favorite things is to look back at previous vision boards and goals to see how much has come true, just be the sheer nature of putting it out in to the universe and working your tail off (in faith!) to make them happen. We were very blessed in 2021 to hit new highs for Haute in Texas in almost every category, and we have some really, really big plans for 2022. I can’t quite share them with you yet, but I promise we are recalibrating for even greater growth in the new year. If you haven’t checked out our new agency site yet, I would recommend checking it out to be in the know for the big announcement.

What are your plans and intentions for the New Year? Do you pick a word? Make a vision board? Let me know in the comments!



P.S. This post is sponsored by Inno Supps. Don’t worry though, all opinions are my own!


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