When you’re hiring workers for the workplace, you’re going to take a close look at the skills that they bring to the table. Naturally, you may first look at the skills that are most relevant to the role that they’re performing. After all, you want someone working in HR to have a good understanding of HR processes. But there are skills that you should consider looking for or might even be worth teaching your team.

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No one individual in a team is fully independent. Even if they spend most of their time working on their own things, the truth is that they’re going to have to communicate and collaborate at some point and, if they can’t do it well, it can really get in the way of your team’s ability to reach their objectives. To that end, you can look at teamwork training exercises as shown at https://www.catalystteambuilding.com/teambuilding-events. Training individual members of the team on how to be more cohesive and building bonds between team members can make for a much more efficient collaborative process in the workplace.


Basic computer skills

The current generation (and the one coming up after them) are a lot more likely to be digitally literate than those who came before. That said, if you have any members of the workplace who struggle with digital technology, then finding some basic computer skills courses for them to take on can make sure that they’re able to adapt to an increasingly digitized working age. There are some people who simply haven’t had the opportunity to become acclimated to working at a keyboard, and it’s not too difficult to teach.


First aid

The health and safety of your workplace are your responsibility as the business owner and employer. However, one of the ways you can fulfill that is to make sure that you’re able to make use of your team and resources to handle health emergencies. First aid training courses such as https://cprcertificationnow.com/products/cpr-certification-online can ensure that you have trained first aid providers on your staff. This way, you can make sure that they’re ready to handle health emergencies and mitigate harm if such an event arises.


Digital marketing

You might think that marketing skills should be left solely to those who are in charge of your marketing, but the truth is that online marketing, especially through social media, takes a lot of manhours. You can delegate aspects of it and get your team more involved through the marketing to show a more human side to your business through its marketing. There are digital marketing courses that can help you get your team much more involved in the strategy that is going to win you more clients.


Think not just about the skills that help your team fulfill their roles, but how else they can contribute to the running of the workplace. The above examples are just a few of the skills you should incorporate into your team one way or another.


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