You’ve no doubt read the books and heard friends, family, and colleagues all talk about how motherhood has changed them. It is probably something that you never thought would happen to you. How could something as commonplace as becoming a mum change who you are as a person? The reality is that for so many, it does. Motherhood is an entirely new chapter in your life that is unlike anything you have embarked upon before. But fear not because you are not alone. 


When you have children, so much of your time and effort is devoted to them. They take up such huge amounts of your brain power and your physical time that it is no wonder that you can often get lost along the way. However, with this change comes great opportunity. The chance to start over and re-discover who you are, what you like, and what interests you most. The path of re-discovery can be an incredibly rewarding and fruitful one so embrace the opportunity and follow some of these steps to help you in your journey to rediscover yourself in motherhood. 

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Determine your values

When it comes to self-discovery, understanding your values is key. They will help guide you through any subsequent decision-making, relationships, challenges, and give you a benchmark in which to live your life. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your values, it is simply what is right for you. 


Explore your passion and try new things

Having a passion can help to add purpose and meaning to your life. Your passion does not have to be profound or complex, just something that you enjoy doing. Something that adds value to your life. Think about how you spend your free time and what interests you. If you cannot come up with an answer then branch out and try new things. How will you ever know whether you like something if you do not try it? Sign yourself up for the newest HOTWORX fitness class or audition for a local production. Whatever you do, look for fun and new experiences that can help enrich your life and allow you to learn something new about yourself. 


Keep a journal (or blog)

In today’s world, you are more likely to write a blog than a journal but the process and outcome are the same. The purpose behind this is to help you get back in touch with yourself and visually read and reflect on the person you have become. This is a great tool for self-reflection and will help you to identify key components of your life such as what you like and don’t like, what interests you, and how you feel about certain events or topics.


Get a third-party view

Turn to your nearest and dearest and ask them for their opinion. Ask them what they love about you and why. What they think makes you tick and represent your values. You might be surprised at the results and see yourself in a way you never imagined.


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